(Graphic/Seabird Island)

(Graphic/Seabird Island)

2021 Seabird Island Festival cancelled due to COVID-19

Would have been the 52nd annual event this year

A long-time Seabird Island tradition has been cancelled this year.

Seabird Island officials recently announced the Seabird Island Annual Festival is cancelled for 2021 due to the pandemic; this marks the second such year as 2020’s festivities, too, were shut down due to COVID-19.

“We are saddened to have missed another festival year,” officials said in the announcement to all festival participants. “We look forward to watching nations battle for victory in soccer, softball and ball hockey. In 2022, we will watch the waters rise and our canoes will race to the finish line with the booming announcer claiming victory to the pullers who cross first and celebrate victory with fresh BBQ salmon.”

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While canceling the festival was a difficult decision for organizers, they wrote they felt it was in the best interest for public health.

Organizers are already planning for next year’s festivities, slated for May 27 to 29, 2022.

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