What’s trending in the market of homes for sale in Chilliwack?

Walkable 'urban villages,' downsizing, sustainability and more

What’s trending in the market of homes for sale in Chilliwack?

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Whether you’re looking to buy or sell, knowing the trends of the home-buying market can save you a lot of stress, either by helping you to learn more about the qualities in a home you might want to look for, or by helping you sort out which features of your home you should bring to the forefront for marketability.

Here’s what’s trending amongst homes for sale in Chilliwack.

•    The “Urban Village”

New, walkable “urban villages” are an up-and-coming trend amongst home buyers, whether those be Baby Boomers ready to downsize to somewhere more convenient and manageable, or first-time buyers who are looking for somewhere efficient, affordable, and in the midst of the social scene.

Just look at Edmonton’s Ice District for a stark example. Home buyers are looking for compact, high-density houses that are located in the heart of the urban scene, and that means things like townhouses are coming back with a bang.

If you are looking for the trendsetter of homes for sale, then you just might be looking for a townhouse or condo.

•    Bigger isn’t better anymore

We can probably thank the tiny house movement for bringing smaller homes back into the picture. Suddenly those cookie-cutter monstrosities of houses are becoming a thing of the past.

The new trend: downsizing to the bare minimum. While the true trendsetter will aim for the 400-square-foot tiny house on wheels to maximize the mobility and flexibility that is created by cutting back on all those possessions, downsizing to a smaller house in general is becoming the in (and much more affordable) approach to home ownership, even among the homes for sale in Chilliwack.

•    The trendsetters of suburbia are back

The ‘burbs are back in style — and not just because Tom Hanks is turning out a surplus of films again.

The real reason? The cost of renting or buying a home for sale within the urban centres of Chilliwack has continued to rise, which means a lot more families are looking to the suburbs for affordability.

However, the movement isn’t quite what it was before. The suburbs closer to the city centres are still considered the preference over bigger houses and greater yard space because they cut down on the commute and maintain the perks of downtown proximity. Those are the homes for sale that are truly in demand.

•    Sustainability in style

Whether it’s because we are actually beginning to worry about the effects of climate change, or whether it’s because, with the cost of living skyrocketing, anything we can do to save a few of those dollars is more than worth it, sustainability is turning into the newest trend.

High-efficiency appliances, lighting, windows, and even roofs are all the rage. But that isn’t all. More than ever, people are turning to reclaimed wood and stone for their interior décor, whether that be for furniture or flooring. And that means many are looking for those features in the homes.

Many are drawn to the higher quality of older, reclaimed wood, others are drawn to the historicity of it, and even more are drawn to the environmental and health benefits of using reclaimed materials that don’t give off harmful gases and emissions.

•    Bringing the outdoors in — and vice versa

Finally, one of the biggest trends to hit the front of homes involves incorporating outdoor spaces into the living space.

Talk about open floor plans – now home buyers are looking for indoor spaces that reclaim the outdoors: outdoor living rooms, and walls of homes that open up via big pocket doors to reveal the luxury of the outdoors without having to leave behind any of the comforts of the indoors.

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