Terri Brooks and her team at Glamour Secrets.

Terri Brooks and her team at Glamour Secrets.

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Glamour Secrets saves you time and keeps you beautiful

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Staying beautiful can be time consuming, there’s no doubt about that. The time that needs to be devoted to regularly getting hair, nails, waxing, and everything in between done can be overwhelming.

But Glamour Secrets, Chilliwack’s newest addition to the beauty services market, is working to make beauty care easier for customers. The store’s services include hair styling, nail care, massages, eyelash and brow tinting, facials, chemical peels, laser hair removal, body contouring, dermal fillers, photo facials and even Botox Cosmetic.

“We basically offer everything beauty – I can’t think of too many things we don’t offer,” said store owner Terri Brooks. “The variety of services that we provide is what makes us unique.”

By offering all services, Glamour Secrets not only saves customers money as they offer a variety of package deals, but it’s much more convenient as well.

“A lot of people will go one place for their hair, then they’ll go somewhere else for their nails, and they’ll go get their lashes tinted somewhere else, and a lot of times they can’t get it all done on the same day so it takes up there whole week,” Terri explains. “Here, you can get most things done. Most of the time, you can get it all done in one day so you’re not writing off a whole bunch of time during your week.”

While having all services offered in one place is convenient, it also saves customers a lot of time.

“Even though you’re at one place for a long period of time, it saves you time because you’re not booking three or four appointments on different days,” says Brooks.“If your day off is Monday, you can get everything done on Monday and your other days off are free. Plus, you’re not driving from here to there to everywhere.”

Glamour Secrets is medically directed. With a general practitioner on staff they also offer Botox cosmetic and fillers.

“What we’re trying to do is show that Chilliwack has grown up,” Terri says. “A lot of people will go into the city for the laser services and for Botox or fillers, but they don’t know that Chilliwack is starting to grow up and we’re catching up with what the city offers without the drive.” All of their staff are trained and certified in the services that are offered.

For more information, visit www.glamoursecretschilliwack.com or call 604-392-4526 to book an appointment. Like and Share their Facebook page to be entered to win a gift card for $45 to use towards any service in the salon. www.facebook.com/Beautyrenewedchilliwack