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Senior living might be more affordable than you think

An all-inclusive approach can lead to savings compared to staying in the family home
Bellevue Park Senior Living also supports a continuum of care options, which is pivotal for seniors seeking long-term stability. Photo courtesy of Bellevue Park.

Many seniors and their families wrestle with the decision about senior living, hindered by the assumption that staying at home is more economical. However, a deeper understanding of the hidden costs associated with aging at home and the benefits of community living can offer a new perspective.

“While aging in place might appear less expensive, numerous hidden expenses can emerge, like home maintenance, utility bills and healthcare that can accumulate,” explains Sherri Martin, from Bellevue Park Senior Living in Aldergrove.

Additionally, the real costs of aging independently include not only financial strains but also the emotional and physical toll on both seniors and their caregivers.

Bellevue Park Senior Living stands out by offering inclusive packages that simplify financial planning for seniors. These packages encompass housing, utilities, meals and transportation, providing everything a residents need for one predetermined monthly fee.

The community also supports a continuum of care options, which is pivotal for seniors seeking long-term stability. From independent living to assisted living and memory care, Bellevue Park allows residents to transition between levels of care without the stress of moving to new locations or facing unexpected cost hikes.

“By moving into a senior living community earlier, residents can secure lower rates and ensure access to necessary care as their needs evolve,” Martin notes.

Another significant advantage of Bellevue Park is the ability to lock in long-term costs. This proactive approach helps residents and their families avoid the financial uncertainties that often accompany aging, with fixed monthly fees and transparent pricing structures.

“Choosing senior living early can safeguard against the escalating expenses of aging at home,” Martin adds.

Beyond the tangible financial benefits, Bellevue Park enriches lives through its vibrant community atmosphere. The social engagement, wellness programs and overall sense of belonging fostered within the community contribute to a higher quality of life.

“The intangible benefits of community living, such as social interaction and tailored wellness activities, are invaluable,” says Martin says.

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