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‘Our family serving yours:’ Supporting hearing health in the Fraser Valley

May is Better Hearing Month – shining a light on hearing care
May is Better Hearing Month when Beltone Hearing ramp up efforts to educate the public around hearing health. Photo courtesy of Beltone Hearing.

The ability to connect with our loved ones – to share stories, make memories and engage with those we care about – that’s what we get back when we can address hearing loss.

And it’s those close family connections that are at the heart of the family-owned Fraser Valley Beltone, here in Chilliwack.

Fraser Valley Beltone offers comprehensive hearing tests and follow-up care. Photo courtesy of Beltone Hearing.

“Being locally owned sets us apart from many of our corporate competitors. It’s our family serving yours — from my husband, a licensed practitioner, to my father-in-law and our dedicated staff who have been with us for years,” reflects owner Lora Hyde.

Founded in 2013 by Lora and her husband, the local network of clinics is a community cornerstone restoring connections and improving lives through enhanced access to hearing devices.

“We began with a single clinic in Langley and have grown to serve numerous communities, including our latest in Chilliwack,” Lora says.

Custom solutions for individual needs

Fraser Valley Beltone offers comprehensive hearing tests and follow-up care. “We treat mild to severe hearing losses with a variety of hearing aids and custom products, ensuring each patient receives the best possible care tailored to their needs,” Lora explains.

The clinic prides itself on consistency and familiarity, qualities that resonate with their predominantly senior clientele. “Our patients appreciate seeing the same faces every visit, which is rare in corporate clinics. This familiarity is reassuring and builds trust, which is crucial in healthcare,” Lora says.

Beltone Hearing was founded in 2013 by Lora and her husband. Photo courtesy of Beltone Hearing.

Beyond individual care, Fraser Valley Beltone is deeply involved in the local community. “We love being active in community events, such as sponsoring local curling bonspiels and hosting informational seminars on hearing loss with local senior resources,” Lora says.

Their commitment peaks during May, recognized as Better Hearing Month, when they ramp up efforts to educate the public about hearing health.

“Hearing loss is not just about losing a sense, but also about losing connection with people you love. It’s isolating,” she says.

“Seeing someone’s life improve dramatically when they can hear again is incredibly rewarding. It’s about giving people their relationships back.”

With a dedicated team, personalized care, and a commitment to community involvement, Fraser Valley Beltone stands out as a beacon of hope for those affected by hearing loss in the Fraser Valley.

For more information, visit website or directly book an appointment here.