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New B.C. rebates are here: Give your home a comfortable, efficient future

Chilliwack heating and cooling professionals have home comfort dialed in
The Class A Heating and Air Conditioning team have been helping Chilliwack-area residents stay comfortable at home no matter what the weather brings. Courtesy Class A Heating and Air Conditioning

For 20 years, the team at Brent Devlin's Class A Heating and Air Conditioning have been helping Chilliwack-area residents keep their cool during the heat of a Fraser Valley summer. And yes, those same residents are also staying warm and cosy when the January snows hit.

Really, Devlin and his team are providing year-round comfort – the kind you can only get easily from a modern, high-efficiency heat pump.

For those more familiar with a system that either heats – like a natural gas, propane or an oil furnace – or cools, like an air conditioner, a heat pump can be an unknown.

"The best way to explain it is as a reversible air conditioner," Devlin says. "When the heat pump is in air conditioning mode, it moves heat from inside the house to the outside; in the winter it reverses, and moves heat from outside to the inside. Essentially, the heat is free, you're just paying to move it."  

While it seems impossible to get heat from outside air when it's cold, heat is there, as it could be colder. It's similar to your refrigerator/freezer, Devlin explains:  In the cool fridge section, a heat pump removes heat from the fridge to make it colder than the room; the freezer has more heat removed so it's colder.  Refrigerators are, in essence, heat pumps, just at a lower capacity than a central heat pump.

As the eco-friendly technology keeps evolving, significant benefits of a heat pump over a high-efficiency gas furnace come from significantly reduced emissions – up to 97 per cent, the Province says – and year-round home comfort. 

Running more consistently, a central heat pump efficiently pushes air to all corners of your home for even comfort, while also offering the flexibility of fine-tuning your system according to your home and preferences, Devlin notes. It also keeps you cool in summer without adding a separate air conditioner.

Today, new government grants make the technology accessible to more families.

New rebates make now the ideal time to get comfortable

The government recently launched its latest round of CleanBC Better Homes grants, which increased the income threshold to receive the maximum grants for replacing gas, propane or oil furnaces with an efficient heat pump. Not only can homeowners in the Lower Mainland receive up to $16,000 toward their heat pump, which in many cases could cover the cost of the unit and installation, but up to an additional $5,000 grant is available for those who need to upgrade their home's electrical panel, Devlin notes.

Fortis BC also announced July 1 they're offering a $10,000 rebate to upgrade a gas furnace that's more than 10 years old to a new heat pump and furnace system. This option makes the cost of installing a new heat pump and furnace similar to adding an air conditioner to your existing system. 

This program is applied for after the installation so there are no delays in getting the work started after you have the quote for a new system that's on the eligible list. Simply choose the approved system, have it installed, pay for the installation and apply for the grant to receive the grant payment directly.

It's also important to note that to qualify for the grants, the installation must be done by an approved installer – licensed contractors in B.C. that have completed training on eligibility requirements and ensure your upgrade meets program eligibility requirements and that the contractor meets the quality and reliability requirements set by the grant program. Class A Heating is on the approved installer list and has completed all the necessary training and approvals to do proper, grant-eligible heat pump installations.

Simply apply for the grant by completing the application here – most households using natural gas, propane or oil are eligible for a grant 

As a locally owned company serving the community for 20 years, Devlin's experienced technicians and apprentices are known for their knowledge and expertise, delivered alongside friendly, efficient service. With a busy summer anticipated after the new rebates launch, this is the time to see if a heat pump is right for your home – arrange your consultation online at or call the office at 604-795-2173 to arrange for an in home consultation.