Lifevac Reviews – Life-Saving Device to Prevent Choking Hazards?

LifeVac is a non-invasive, non-powered, and single-use airway clearance device that has been formed to save choking victims. The one-way valve of LifeVac doesn’t permit the air to get into a choking victim. You will find this device to be armed with a pediatric mask, a practiced mask, and an adult mask. The design of LifeVac uses a one-way valve, and it sucks in air. Due to this, the condition doesn’t worsen. The time needed for saving a life is acknowledged to be minimal in comparison to some efforts like back blows that ultimately turn it efficient and safe.

The good thing is you can use LifeVac in every position, which includes standing, lying down, and sitting. Everyone who sees this unit becomes impressed as it keeps individuals from freezing if, unfortunately, a choking incident happens. Though some people tend to act quickly, others panic or deliberate before they take any action. Before a person uses this unit, he learns every piece of information about it, such as the patented design, features, and mechanism of working of LifeVac.

Features of LifeVac

LifeVac seems unmatched due to its attributes, and these features set it apart from its competitors:

LifeVac seems to be efficient and safeLifeVac is safe and efficient to use, and it has been clinically tested. For instance, in 2017, LifeVac was examined to see whether or not it could resuscitate a choking adult, and it did its job excellently well. LifeVac could remove the blocking hot dog in 472 out of 500 attempts. Hence, it had a success rate of 94.4 percent. Other studies done on this unit have been presented and published in several journals.

Saves life in some seconds – LifeVac is very simple; hence, it can give relief to choking victims in just some seconds. It can be because of a couple of factors; the first is the process of suction involves positioning, pulling, and pushing, and the second thing is its design lessens overthinking and anxiety. Commonly, in this situation, the helper ought to perform the Heimlich.

In this process, the helper wraps his arms around the waist of the victim and makes a fist in the center of the abdomen of the victim, and this site should be between the ribs and the navel. The helper ought to make a fist and apply force to pull upwards. And if this tactic fails, then the helper should perform CPR, and LifeVac eliminates this process. Thus, it increases a person’s chances of survival.

Does its job on both children and adultsIf you buy LifeVac, you will find every kit to be including a mask for a child as well as an adult. LifeVac intends to help people who weigh a min. of twenty-two pounds and more than this. The manufacturer insists that a person should weigh 22 pounds to ensure an ideally fitting pediatric mask. The device of LifeVac has saved the lives of many kids who belong to the age group of 3 weeks – 13 years.

Fits the majority of positions – When rescuers use LifeVac, they do not bother about a failed Heimlich process, as this unit is utilized for saving lives in all positions like standing, lying down, or sitting. Mothers who use LifeVac on choking infants or children claim to have saved them on the floor, in a highchair, and lying the victim on their laps.

Travel-friendly – The lightweight construction of LifeVac allows users to transport it easily, such as in a backpack, travel bag, and even in a glove apartment. Additionally, LifeVac is obtainable in a travel and home kit too.

You need not have a prescription to buy LifeVac – People need not have a prescription to buy LifeVac. Before a person buys this device, he should pay heed to the demonstrations that the team of LifeVac provides for educational purposes. This team suggests people be thoroughly trained in Basic Life Support or BLS Protocol. Though it isn’t needed for the use of LifeVac, people will become more knowledgeable regarding situations that involve respiratory distress, cardiac arrest, CPR, an obstructed airway, and defibrillators.

What would you get in a pack of LifeVac?

LifeVac is found in a package having many components acknowledged as the LifeVac home kit, and it is important when people try to save a choked victim. The mask-like structure of this device will stop air from getting into the airways of the victim. To make the process of suction more accessible, the home kit of LifeVac comprises the following:

The suction device – The LifeVac suction device does the suction process. This is made of foldable and durable plastic and found in a folded type. A person needs to fix this device to the mask before sealing it around the mouth of the victim. Then utilizing the handle, the person needs to pull the cover out quickly. This process will open up the folded mask and pull out the air stuck in the airways. So, it will pull out the thing that remains stuck in the throat of the victim.

Adult mask – This is a free-size mask that an adult should wear when he gets a choking fit. The adult mask has an excellent seal around its mouth. The suction device of LifeVac is fixed on this mask’s top before it is sealed around the mouth of the victim.

The practice mask – The practice mask is an extra mask that helps people in practicing using this unit. Using this mask, you can practice the process of suction on other people.

Child mask – This mask is a little smaller than the adult mask. So it can fit around a child’s face well. But it operates similarly to the adult mask. Again, it has got a knob too that helps people in fitting the suction device.

The instruction guide – You will also find an instruction guide along with the LifeVac home kit. The instruction guide educates people on the method of using this device when they must use it as well as good practices a person ought to be careful of when he uses the device.

Choking prevention tips – In the choking prevention tips, you will come across various tricks and tips that you can use if you see someone choking. These tips also educate people about handling various situations.


LifeVac is regarded as a life-saving necessity for every person in case of an emergency. Everyone can use this device, and it helps in opening the airways. As a person can use this unit without anyone’s assistance, he needs not bother being unaided if an emergency occurs.

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