Kick-start your family’s fitness routine!

Kick-start your family’s fitness routine!

Preschoolers to parents have fun and get fit at Chilliwack Chito Ryu

Beyond fitness or competition, Chito Ryu Karate becomes a life-long passion for many – a philosophy that helps provide personal strength, self-discipline and self-confidence.

And it’s a journey that can begin as young as preschool at Chilliwack Chito Ryu, whose Sensei Fred MacKenzie achieved the Shihan, or Master Teacher, under 10th Dan Shane Higashi. In fact, excitement is building as Sensei Higashi prepares to visit May 7 and 8 to test the school’s black belt students and offer advanced training!

One of the oldest styles of karate practiced in Canada, Chito Ryu Karate is a traditional Japanese martial art based on peace, perseverance and hard work, with a focus on good manners, self-discipline, physical fitness and self-defence.

A welcoming program adaptable to all experience levels, students develop a greater sense of self-confidence and feel positive about who they are with every advancement earned.

A workout for the whole family

With programs for all ages, Chito Ryu Karate is a great opportunity to get kids moving early.

  1. Little Dragons is a pre-skills program for three to five-year-olds – promoting honour and respect in addition to a love of being active.
  2. Karate Kidds is for school-age children.
  3. Junior Karate is program for 11 to 13-year-olds

Adult classes welcome those age 14 and older, or try Karatecize for adults and a family class where mom, dad and kids can have fun together.

As always, knowledgeable and personable trainers make a difference – especially with kids. A diverse line-up of instructors – boys and girls, men and women, show the students that they can do anything they want to, with commitment. All those leading the programs have black belts, including three junior black belts.

“We really focus on the whole community – health and fitness for everyone.”

Kick N Fit Kids

Coming up this fall is Chris Casamassa’s Kick N Fit Kids, a specialized workout for seven- to 13-year-olds combining martial arts and Bully Buster moves with (HIIT) High Intensity Interval Training. A 9th-degree black belt, the martial artist, best-selling author, instructor and stuntman is also well-known for his anti-bullying and fitness program for children.

One of the few schools in Canada licensed to offer Kick N Fit Kids, Chilliwack Chito Ryu also has nutritionist Sharon Fast as part of the Chito Ryu team, further enriching the transformative youth wellness program that helps kids become healthier while also building their self-confidence and anti-bullying techniques.

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