Disruptors & Dominators Review – Weiss Ratings Newsletter Report (Tony Sagami, Chris Graebe)

The oil sector has had tremendous growth in the last two years, and it appears that trends will continue this way as demand and supply difficulties unfold and inflation continues to cause havoc globally. Interestingly, investor Tony Sagami just came forth with what he believes is an untapped sector that might provide a steady flow of returns.

The expert further claims he has settled on one little company at the center of the $8.1 trillion oil sector, which he insists involves a “new technology disruption.” In accordance with existing assertions, there are yet untapped deposits that produce abundant, cheaper energy expected to enhance the lives of billions of people. So, what is the untapped resource?

The last time an opportunity of this magnitude presented itself was in 2002 when it assisted 11 energy companies in growing by at least 1,000%. This time, the opportunity is far more significant, and Tony wants small investors to finally receive a fair portion of what should be considered their pie. To cut to the chase, the technology that will govern the oil business is Artificial Intelligence Radar (or AIR). The company behind this technology believes that AIR eliminates drawbacks caused by conventional radar systems, the most significant of which is the inability to penetrate deeper than 30 feet underground.

Using one of the most advanced computer software, this company’s technology can go below the ocean floor to drill for oil. Moreover, the organization will have access to massive amounts of Big Data, which is expected to provide a clear picture of what’s going on beneath our ocean floors. Ultimately, Tony’s latest discovery is a three-in-one solution that combines deep artificial intelligence, data-driven knowledge, and deep ground-penetrating radar—interested in learning how to hold a position in this small American company today? Look no further; here’s a thorough examination of Disruptors & Dominators.

What are Disruptors & Dominators?

Disruptors & Dominators is an investing service that seeks to shed light on significant market movements brought on by technology. This service is regarded as the premier resource for all things technological, including but not limited to drones, telemedicine, medical advances, and artificial intelligence. Editor Tony Sagami and associate editor Chris Graebe manage it. Disruptors & Dominators, a publication of Weiss Ratings, breaks down both good investment possibilities and mediocre ones that everyone should avoid investing in. With the introduction out of the way, let’s go into the membership details.

What benefits does a Disruptors & Dominators membership provide?

The most significant advantage of joining Disruptors & Dominators is that it will immediately point members toward the small company that was previously introduced. We are specifically referring to resources such as:

Special Report #1. How to Profit from the Coming $8.1 Trillion Oil Industry Disruption

So far, we know that the small firm is situated in the United States, has a ground-penetrating radar system powered by AI, is collaborating with one of the world’s major oil-drilling corporations, and has an unrivaled competitive advantage. Tony will specifically reveal the stock name, ticker symbol, and his reasoning for believing in the tremendous disruption of AIR technology. Indeed, he claims the technology in question is 40 times more powerful than regular GPS technology, and even the army is on board! In addition to the foregoing, members will understand the precise steps to better position them to acquire access to returns.

Bonus Report #1. The Oil Rig Maker Primed for Explosive Growth

Oil exploration companies are here to stay, as per Tony, and AIR will increase their demand. The first bonus reports will highlight one firm at the forefront of oil exploration. This Texas-based company is the previously mentioned significant competitor that just teamed up with the small firm. Tony believes ensuring positions on both sides might lead to unprecedented growth.

Bonus Report #2. My #1 Secret to Investing in Autonomous Vehicles

AIR technology goes beyond the oil industry and has an equivalent value in the autonomous vehicle sector. Given this, Tony is sure that another firm in this field would outperform Tesla, Uber, and others in terms of growth. This second bonus will detail information on the company, its stock, and the ticker symbol.

Bonus Report #3. Resource Millionaires

Finally, we have Resource Millionaires, a bonus report that discusses the impact of AIR technology on the extraction of other subsurface resources. Tony isn’t completely sold on gold, silver, and copper, believing that the sole metal required for today’s electric vehicle revolution is none other than lithium. Lithium miners are likely to invest if they recognize the potential in AIR. Fortunately, some companies have already gotten a head start by striking agreements with medium-sized AI firms. The third bonus is the one to rely on for more information on said partnerships and companies worth investing in.

It goes without saying that the following are automatically supplied to Disruptors & Dominators members:

  • 12 monthly issues of Disruptors & Dominators compiled by Tony Sagami
  • Receive essential updates via the Weiss Ratings Daily e-letter 6 out of the seven days of the week
  • Access to the Editor’s Mailbag, a thorough FAQ section on the service and everything it provides
  • A 365-day money-back guarantee
  • Guaranteed lowest renewal rate, allowing members to benefit from the same or similar pricing every year

How much does the Disruptors & Dominators membership cost?

It depends on the membership selected at checkout. The resources mentioned above comprise the Standard Membership, which is currently offered at $59 per year. The Premium Membership might be worth considering for those who wish to gain access to additional resources. This means access to everything in the Standard Membership as well as:

  • Bonus #4. Lithium: The Power Behind the Decarbonization Revolution
  • Bonus #5. Uranium Unchained: How to Profit from the Coming Nuclear Renaissance

As farmland prices continue to rise, investors should consider ways to invest fractionally. Tony believes there is a backdoor way to achieve this, outlined in this report. For an additional $14, members could also get access to the latest report, Fast Track to Farmland Riches. On the topic of the 365-day money-back guarantee, more information can be gathered by contacting the Weiss Ratings team:

  • Email: contactus@weissinc.com.
  • Phone (Toll-free): 1 (877) 934 7778
  • Phone (Internationally): 1 (561) 627 3300
  • Mailing Address: 11780 US Highway 1, Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33408-3080

Introducing Tony Sagami and Chris Graebe

Disruptors & Dominators exemplifies not only Tony Sagami’s efforts but also that of Chris Graebe. As a senior editor and technology analyst, Tony has been recognized for his stock-picking strategy and exceptional track records amidst trying times. In fact, he was praised for developing the first-ever software for stock trading. His achievements don’t stop there, as he authored the infamous, The Supernet, which at the time offered an intriguing perspective on the impact of the internet nearly two decades ago.

Then there is Chris Graebe, a startup investor and private equity expert with a place at the table thanks to his prior investments in firms focused on artificial intelligence. His investment in ThisWayGlobal, an AI business with collaborations with both Google and IBM, led to one of his biggest successes. This duo has a competitive advantage because of its success in both algorithm-based and practical applications.

Closing Remarks

Tony and Chris are ultimately persuaded by the promise that artificial intelligence radar systems provide for the oil industry, as well as for the extraction of precious metals and the development of the autonomous vehicle industry. This shouldn’t come as a massive surprise given that the technology being considered is threefold (i.e., artificial intelligence, Big Data, and radars).

The editors have just discovered an investment opportunity in the oil industry, where one small American company could partner with one of the biggest players in the industry.

Individuals who join Disruptors & Dominators will receive recommendations all year long that have been validated by two editors. Furthermore, this membership grants access to extra resources believed to aid decision-making. Risk is unavoidable; thus, people should evaluate their risk tolerance before acting on any stock advice. For more information on AIR and what Disruptors & Dominators has to offer, visit here>>>.