Tracey Stonoski

Tracey Stonoski

Chilliwack team takes holistic wellness to a new Dimension

Certified health and wellness practitioners help you find your fullest potential

Everyone’s personal wellness journey is unique to them. For that reason, treating the whole person makes for the best possible outcome for the patient, and perhaps most importantly, helps create life balance.

As a response to her own personal journey to achieve wellness and personal fulfillment – and the subsequent desire to help others along their path – Chilliwack’s Tracey Stonoski founded Dimension Health & Wellness.

The Dimension team covers numerous wellness needs, with experts including naturopaths, dieticians, registered clinical counsellors and life coaches.

The Dimension team covers numerous wellness needs, with experts including naturopaths, dieticians, registered clinical counsellors and life coaches.

Through her own experiences, Stonoski recognized a gap between traditional medical treatment and the person as a whole, and saw a need to create a place where the whole person is taken into account and is treated.

A huge part of wellness is quality of life, she notes. So, while traditional medicine often focuses on the surface symptoms, the knowledgeable, multidisciplinary team at Dimension works with clients to identify and address the underlying causes.

“We’re here to help you uncover the root issues you’re experiencing and deal with them through therapies and remedies to help you meet your wellness goals,” Stonoski says.

By participating in the active process to make choices toward a more balanced life, clients can reach their full potential and feel good mentally, physically and spiritually.


The team at Dimension covers every aspect of Wellness:

  • Dedicated naturopaths provide help with metabolic issues, hormonal issues, diabetes, fatigue, joint pain and more through a balanced and individualized approach.
  • Compassionate, registered clinical counsellors help couples, individuals and families.
  • Life coaches help clients find strategies to achieve their goals. Every aspect of the whole person is considered and valued.
  • Registered Dieticians to help with nutritional coaching, chronic disease and eating disorders

No matter your goals or your stage of life, Dimension’s holistic healthcare approach will help you accomplish each step along the way from a physically, emotionally, socially, intellectually, spiritually and occupationally balanced place.

What’s best for you?

As the pandemic comes to an end, many people are re-evaluating what their life-goals are, and more significantly, what is important for them. Dimension Health and Wellness will help you live in a way that reflects your own values and beliefs so you can live your life to its fullest possible potential, whether you’re considering a career change, or are dealing with chronic pain.

Coming soon: Massage therapists and acupuncturists will be added to the team!

Learn more at, where you can also book an appointment or contact them for more information. You can also call 778-704-0621. Find them on the map here.

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