Learn on the job at TYCROP Manufacturing.

Learn on the job at TYCROP Manufacturing.

Build a new career with long-time Chilliwack manufacturing business

When you think of a career in manufacturing, does your mind’s eye conjure images of big, dark factories with workers performing repetitive tasks? Think again! TYCROP Manufacturing is a well-known Chilliwack employer — and for all the right reasons. TYCROP is a great place to work and build a career.

When Gary Teichrob started his Chilliwack business over 4o years ago, he could never have known what it would grow into — and how it would evolve. What started as an idea to build a better forage wagon has evolved, through innovation and the loyalty of great employees, into a company designing and building unique equipment solutions for many markets across North America.

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Gary maintains that he wouldn’t be where he is today without great employees. “Our most valuable asset is our people — and it shows!” he notes. “It’s the people who make up the team that make us a great place to work.”

TYCROP wants to encourage people to explore new opportunities with them, even if they’re not qualified today —so you can get out into the working world today —and learn on the job.

A wide range of opportunities is available at TYCROP Manufacturing and it’s a great place to work.

A wide range of opportunities is available at TYCROP Manufacturing and it’s a great place to work.

Timing is everything

TYCROP Manufacturing is on the lookout for people who want to learn on the job — and in a wide variety of jobs! No matter what your skill set, if you bring a willingness to learn, then TYCROP Manufacturing may be the perfect fit. “There’s a good chance your current skill sets have an application in manufacturing or in the office. Anyone with a willingness to learn and passion for creating cool equipment is a great fit at TYCROP!” Jen

While manufacturing is a huge part of what they do, there’s so much that goes into creating a product before getting hands-on – and after too — and maybe that’s where you fit in.

Some of the many jobs on offer include accounting, engineering, human resources, maintenance and customer service, while other positions offer the opportunity to gain specific certification on the job — learn as you earn — and build for the future. TYCROP is a proud supporter of women in trades too! “We have women in all kinds of positions here; assemblers, painters, welders, software and controls, warehousing, accounting, engineering and design. We’re super excited to have people from all kinds of backgrounds and experience levels as part of our team,” notes Jen.

A change is better than a rest

If you’re looking for a change or just want to forge a new path and have an existing skill set that you want to build on with a forward-thinking employer, then TYCROP can help you make a change for the better.

TYCROP offers a variety of programs and opportunities for high school students to explore careers from software development to welding! Work beside a welder and find out where your calling lies. Education agreements, apprenticeship sponsors, challenging of certifications, school tours, scholarships, co-work experience days are just some of the career-building initiative that TYCROP offers.

Build your new path today at TYCROP Manufacturing. Find them on Facebook here or contact them at recruiting@tycropcareers.com.

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