VIDEO: Chilliwack Progress has a bold new online presence

VIDEO: Chilliwack Progress has a bold new online presence

With the launch of a modern web version of the local paper readers are better served than ever

The Chilliwack Progress has a new look online.

Last week big changes came to to make the city’s premier destination news website more modern, more dynamic and more functional than ever.

As the media landscape changes, so has Black Press changed with the times, evolving into a multimedia company.

The new website will bring readers and viewers the news, information and advertising in seamlessly on a mobile phone, tablet or computer and, yes, in the traditional newspaper form as well. There are still many people loyal to the tangible act of holding a newspaper in their hands. And they won’t be left behind.

But the newspaper now has a responsive website that will work on any device.

And it will do it better in a nicer looking, better organized layout that is easy to navigate.

But it’s not just a matter of delivery, it’s also a matter of what’s being delivered.

Our new website platform will have more video and more ways to play it.

The video material is available through a concurrent video channel called Black Press TV with an extensive reach in its own right.

Readers will be attracted to the news and information – the content – on the Chilliwack Progress website because the paper that delivered the news faithfully for 126 years has stepped up to the new digital technology to deliver it the way readers have shown they want it.

In the end, it’s still about news, sports, entertainment and people. It’s just that now you’ll get more of it, you’ll get it sooner. And in the palm of your hand.

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