Search on for Chilliwack’s Top Dog

Think your pooch as what it takes to be crowned 'Chilliwack’s Top Dog'?

Every dog has his day.

Every dog has his day.

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Think your pooch as what it takes to be crowned ‘Chilliwack’s Top Dog’?

Join Bosley’s and The Chilliwack Progress in the search. Simply upload your dog’s photo to the ‘Top Dog’ contest page.

This fun and interactive contest is on now, and voting starts on March 26.

When the contest closes the dog with the most votes, as long as it meets all the criteria in our rules and regulations, will be crowned the top dog of Chilliwack.

The winning dog will have a professional photo shoot done by award-winning photojournalist Jenna Hauck and be featured in a full-page photo spread this coming May.

Upload your pooch’s photo today, and spread the word to your friends and family to start voting on March 26.

All the details can be found online.