Lorenzo Smith.

Lorenzo Smith.

Leaders of Tomorrow: Lorenzo Smith

Chilliwack student, Lorenzo Smith's, love for running could very well define his future endeavors.

Lorenzo Smith’s love for running could very well define his future endeavors.

The G.W. Graham secondary school graduate will be going into biomedical physiology at Simon Fraser University in the fall, with the intent of going to med school afterwards.

He’s looking at either becoming an orthopedic surgeon, because “it seems intriguing to drill into people’s bones,” or sports medicine.

“I’ve played sports my whole life and I’ve had some significant injuries,” said Smith.

Most notably from running.

Smith has been competitively running since Grade 3, spending the spring and summer seasons with the Chilliwack Track and Field Club, and the fall season running cross country. He’s suffered knee injuries and stress fractures in his toes – one in each foot.

And yet, he keeps running.

“Running’s a weird sport because it’s not necessarily very much fun, it’s quite painful actually, but you just keep going,” said Smith. “I love the independence of it, and the fact that whatever you put into it, you’ll get out of it. You can’t rely on teammates, you have to do it yourself.”

And while being sidelined with injuries was a tough pill to swallow, Smith is grateful for them.

“I honestly believe they were meant to be, because without them, I wouldn’t have been exposed to physiotherapy,” he said.

Starting this fall, Smith will be a member of the SFU Track and Field Team, competing in the 800 metre event.

“I love to compete,” he said. “I love to push myself.”