Trustees offer different approach to SOGI 123

Preventing bullying starts with parents, writer says

Trustees offer different approach to SOGI 123

I bring into question the attack by Laura Keeley (A mother’s perspective, Chilliwack Progress Oct. 26) on the people who have been elected by the citizens of Chilliwack to the Board of Education who have tried, time and again to let everyone know that they care for all people and will do everything in their power to make a safe environment for all staff and all students.

What does it take for people to understand that these elected officials care not just for the LGBTQ+ and trans-gendered people but for ALL people? They have a different approach than SOGI 123 to making a safe environment for ALL. SOGI 123 only focuses on trying to make a safe environment for the LGBTQ+ community but not ALL people. In the meantime, SOGI 123 exposes very young and innocent children to a doctrine which questions their own sexuality. Why? Let little children be little children and grow up to be respectful, caring human beings. Everyone wants to stop bullying but SOGI 123 is not the way to do it. Children get bullied for a variety of reasons and we need to strive to stop bullying, period. Stopping bullying starts with the adults who model the behavior we want in our children.

The hateful taunting and shaming that Laura Keeley mentions has been towards all of us who have a different opinion from the supporters of SOGI 123. I know because I was victim to hateful messages on social media all the while trying to show love and respect The only evidence I have seen of people who have a hateful, fearful agenda are the supporters of SOGI 123 to the people who have a different way of doing what would benefit all people. Do other than LGBTQ+ people not count?

I too, believe in Human Rights and inclusion for all, so let Barry Neufeld and Darrell Furgason be included as the citizens of Chilliwack have voted, and stop the defamation of character of these two men.

We live in the 21st century and in a country where the LGBTQ+ and trans-gendered people are allowed the same privileges as anyone else. Let’s move on. It is time to respect all people and truly be tolerant and inclusive of all human beings.

It will be interesting if The Progress newspaper actually prints this letter since I have not seen the letters of support for Barry Neufeld and Darrell Furgason printed that I know have been written.

Erma Vietorisz