Timing of article on gender acceptance questioned

Timing of article on gender acceptance questioned

Writer argues article was ‘designed to influence’

With much interest, I read your feature article re: Gender Identity and Acceptance on pages 6,7 of The Progress, Sept 28.

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I question the timing and high exposure given to this article in light of the upcoming election for school trustees. An election where (and rightly so) attention is being given to each candidates position regarding implementation of the SOGI curriculum in our public schools. An intensely debated issue where unfortunately some people take the cheap shot of accusing others of promoting hate for simply expressing a perspective that differs from theirs. I’m sure your article will meet with much approval from those in favour of such a curriculum and can only further their cause… a curriculum which not only opposes bullying (all sides of the issue want that) but has an agenda in encouraging children to question and choose their own sexual identity regardless of biological gender. One example of this is a SOGI teacher resource which has children K- Grade 3 circulate and introduce themselves as gender opposite … e.g. “Hi my name is Matthew, please call me she”.

My question for you is this:

Imagine someone who while experiencing gender dysphoria in their early formative years chooses transition which after some time proves less then satisfying and is in fact accompanied by serious regret. Consequently they embarked on a process of detransitioning. However, because of treatments/surgeries previously received, they are now left with some lifelong consequences of their former experiment, some of which are unalterable. This in addition to the lost years which could have been valuable preparation time for the kind of adult and family life that they now can only long for.

Would The Progress as readily publish such an article, as unpolitically correct as it may be?

I question the motivation and fairness of your feature article in view of the upcoming election. It smacks of design to influence. Oh, and one more question… Will The Progress publish this letter in its next edition (prior to the school board trustee election)? …although any influence it might have would fall far short of a two-page feature article.

Harold Ewert