LETTER: Truckers should be allowed to drive only in right lanes at lower speeds

LETTER: Truckers should be allowed to drive only in right lanes at lower speeds

Coquihalla dangerous partly due to trucks, says letter writer

We all understand the importance of delivering goods via truck and trailer on B.C. highways. This, however, should not allow our highways to become a danger zone for all that use these highways.

Far too often, we have seen heavy trucks passing each other and travelling side by side on the highways for long distances, causing long lineups behind them.

We have seen trucks speeding up behind cars and other vehicles in the left lane while travelling well over the posted limits. While this is bad enough in good road conditions, it is ridiculously unnerving to watch in winter conditions when the roads are snowy and icy.

I believe the majority of accidents on the highways such as the Coquihalla include, or are caused by, these big rigs travelling way too fast. They cannot expect to stop when needed like smaller vehicles.

Far too often, they do not even have the proper chains to make their vehicles safe enough to travel through the mountain ranges.

My suggestion would be to post lower speed limits for heavy trucks and trailers and also to require them to travel in the right lanes only.

This is done in other areas and seems to work quite well, with fewer fatal accidents involving these trucks.

Also, I do believe that the drivers of these trucks should be held to a way superior standard than they are now and they should be required to be properly trained to drive carefully on the roads. These are professional drivers and as such should be held accountable to ensure that they are all driving as professionals with the proper training for driving safely in all conditions.

Nancy Singer