LETTER: Let seniors catch Chilliwack speeders

LETTER: Let seniors catch Chilliwack speeders

Letter writer suggest RCMP could train seniors to target driving infractions to lighten the load

Re: “RCMP shortfall has councillor sounding alarm,” Progress, Nov. 27.

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I am a senior and think that seniors would be willing to get together and be able to ticket speeders, bad drivers and others committing smaller infractions. I believe that this would aid in the reduction of time spent on these lesser infractions. I am not talking about drunk drivers or where lives would be endangered and only during the day.

It would not be hard for the police to train us, give us a radar detector, and have two seniors or others that would be interested in doing this job of catching speeders and poor drivers.

Some of these smaller jobs could be passed on to us who are interested and believe you me, we would make time.

There are so many poor drivers out there as well as speeders. I encounter them every day. What a break we could give the police!

Pass this on to the higher resources and let them give this a good thought.

Sherry Dumaresq