Canadian pop legend Alfie Zappacosta returns to Chilliwack on Dec. 8. (Submitted)

Canadian pop legend Alfie Zappacosta returns to Chilliwack on Dec. 8. (Submitted)

Zappacosta, Buddy Holly tribute band coming to Bozzini’s in Chilliwack

Alfie Zappacosta’s performances deliver a blend of acoustic, jazz and pop music

Two concerts will be taking place at Bozzini’s in December.

Canadian pop legend Alfie Zappacosta returns to Chilliwack on Dec. 8 and another concert has been rescheduled for Dec. 3 due to flooding in the Fraser Valley.

Zappacosta, performing two shows on Dec 8, is one of Canada’s premier songwriters and performers with chart-topping hits and a recording and acting career that has spanned 40 years. He decided on a music career in his teens and set his sights upon being a guitarist. When his vocal dexterity and song writing proficiency were uncovered by a publisher while writing for his first original band Surrender, events would be put in motion to champion Zappacosta (dropping his first name) as a solo artist and bring him to the world’s attention. “Start Again,” “Passion,” “When I Fall in Love Again” and “Nothing Can Stand In Your Way” became staples on Canadian adult contemporary radio and Zappacosta became a household name.

Zappacosta has polished his live concert performances exposing his sophisticated, intimate and intense personality. His performances deliver a blend of acoustic, jazz and pop music prompting the listener to engage soulfully.

On Friday, Dec. 3 Bozzini’s is presenting a unique triple bill of folk, roots, blues and classic hits that had to be rescheduled from Nov. 19 due the flooding.

West Coast Canadian Buddy Holly tribute band, Buddy Holic, features Wayne Schmidt on vocals/guitars, Pat Darcus on doghouse bass/background vocals, and Steve Tomiuk on rhythm guitar/keyboards/bass/background vocals.

It all started when Schmidt recorded a CD of Buddy Holly songs for fun. Liking how they came out he decided to form a tribute band.

“My friends heard the stuff, and they told me that I should put something together since you have the Strat, the right build etc. I was doing so much research on Buddy Holly that my wife came into the studio one day, and she called me a Buddy Holic. I needed a name for the band, and there it was.”

This unique and hauntingly accurate tribute to Buddy Holly appeals to a large cross-section of people. It celebrates the music of a man who had uncanny talent for writing songs, but remains under-appreciated today. Schmidt even looks like Buddy Holly.

Also appearing on Dec. 3 is Brandon Isaak, an authentic, heart felt roots and blues songster. He is an award-winning musician with a passion and a thirst for the history of music and origins of the blues, and it shows in his live shows. He is an entertainer as well as a gifted musician.

Rounding out this triple bill and making her Bozzini’s debut, Vancouver-based singer/songwriter Leah Barley offers stirring original songs that evoke both the jubilation and heartbreak inherent to classic folk and country music. An accomplished banjo player as well as guitarist, Barley creates a sound as affecting today as it was a century ago.

Bozzini’s Triple Bill featuring Brandon Isaak, Leah Nicole Barley and Buddy Holic is Friday, Dec. 3. Early show at 5 p.m. (doors at 4 p.m.), late show at 9 p.m. (doors at 8 p.m.).

Alfie Zappacosta accompanied by Justin Glibbery is Wednesday, Dec. 8. Early show at 7 p.m. (doors at 5:30 p.m.), late show at 9:30 p.m. (doors at 9 p.m.).

Tickets $31.50 to $35.75 at Bozzini’s or call 604 792 0744 to reserve. More info at

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