Songwriter’s Circle: Intimate evening of music

Rockland Moran will be joined by the Spiderlodge trio (Lori Paul, Rick Genge and Clay Thornton) at the Tractorgrease Cafe on April 2.

Rockland Moran will be joined by the Spiderlodge trio (Lori Paul

Rockland Moran will be joined by the Spiderlodge trio (Lori Paul

Get to know local, original music at the ‘Grease on April 2 at the songwriter’s circle.

You’ll hear new materialfrom Rockland Moran and the Spiderlodge trio, as well as the stories hidden within the music.

Rockland (Rocky) Moran, an original songwriter and seasoned performer, will be celebrating the release of his latest album Touch the Ground (2016).

This Americana jazz and rural blues songwriter is an avid recording artist, with five CD’s and five independent film scores to his credit.

Now a Vancouver Island resident, Moran is retuning to his prior home of Chilliwack to share his album release party with old friends and family.

Moran will be joined by vocalist Lori Paul, guitarist Rick Genge and percussionist Clay Thornton who make up the Spiderlodge trio. This group is well-known in Chilliwack for their music, lessons, studio, and community involvement.

They followed-up their full-length album The Secret Language of Birds (2011) with EP Mighty Fine Time (2013), and they’ll be debuting brand new tunes at the upcoming show.

A songwriter’s circle provides an opportunity for more than great music, it’s a format that allows the performers to tell the stories behind the songwriting process as well.

“It’s growing in popularity,” Paul says. “It gives the evening a bit more intimacy and interest for the listeners.”

The spotlight will alternate between Spiderlodge and Rocky as they perform songs throughout the night, which will be interspersed with a discussion of the music and lyrics, the mechanics of the groove, and the inspiration behind them all.

“We go back about 35 years,” Paul said of her band’s friendship with Moran. Back when they were teenagers, they would jam together among Chilliwack’s vibrant music culture, from clubs to house parties.

“There was so much live entertainment, and it was viable because people didn’t have the home entertainment systems like we do today,” she explained.

“We had a chance to be part of that flourishing scene,” Paul explained. Now, these dedicated, experienced musicians are coming together once again to share the unique musical styles that they’ve developed throughout their careers.

Moran and the Spiderlodge trio have titled their upcoming show ‘Outsider Songwriter: Stories from Beyond the Pale.’

The phrase dates back to the 17th century as a way to classify something as unacceptable, uncivilized, or outlawed.

“We like the idea of rebellion in that comment,” Paul laughed. By their interpretation, it’s their music that is ‘beyond the pale’ in that it expresses their authentic artistic voice, which will not be compromised to achieve mainstream commercial pursuits.

Visit and to take a listen.

“The musicianship in the room will be amazing, Spiderlodge and Rockland Moran together on the same night is not one to miss,” Tractorgrease owner Jeff Bonner said.

Rockland Moran and Spiderlodge will perform at the Tractorgrease Cafe (48710 Chilliwack Lake Rd) on April 2. The show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $20, available by phone at 604-858-3814.