Maestro Johan Louwersheimer (right) and cellist Benjamin Louwersheimer will be performing during the Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra's concert on Saturday at the Cultural Centre.

Romantic appreciation for Nature, Life and Love

Principal cellist with the CMO, Benjamin Louwersheimer will once again be the featured soloist

The Saturday night concert will take the audience on a musical voyage of discovery.

Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra presents Nature, Life and Love on Nov. 2 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, with revealing narration by Maestro Johan Louwersheimer.

Many years ago when he was studying for his doctorate, Maestro Louwersheimer decided to create the Discovery Concert series in which he would offer lively, narrative commentaries on the various composers in between songs.

The idea was to reconnect the audience of all ages with intricate and lovely classical music — and it worked.

“The idea here is to offer some ideas about the composers to mull over as they listen to the music,” he said. “I always wanted to explore that discovery idea here.”

The Nov. 2 concert will present music by Brahms, Schumann and in the second half, three overtures by Dvorak.

To the audience’s ear, the Maestro’s symphonic selections may sound very different from one another.

“But they are actually very connected,” he says. “You will see the audience learning a little about the interplay of the music, as well as the influence the composers had on each other, and the appreciation they had for one another.”

Back in the day, Schumann recognized Brahms’ talent and willingly assisted the young composer, who in turn later reciprocated for Dvorak. So there was some friendly, mutual appreciation, as well as some competition going on.

An interesting tidbit about Dvorak, and his three Cycle of Overtures, is that the overtures, as listed in the program of very first performance, were called Nature, Life and Love, and that is why this CMO concert is so named.

Principal cellist with the CMO, Benjamin Louwersheimer will be once again be the featured soloist for the Schumann Cello Concerto Op 129 in A Minor.

“Once you’ve heard it, you become aware of its beauty and eventually fall in love with it.”

It’s a little understood concerto, but he says the opening movement is very lush, rich and thought-provoking.

“It’s like some food or fine art, you grow to appreciate them over time. Serious art is always like that.”

It breaks away from typical composition in that there is no standard break in the middle section, he says.

“That’s why I call this approach to music one of discovery. We’re trying to create an awareness and a love.”

Last year when the CMO put on a Viennese themed concert, the Maestro offered some choice details through narration.

“The feedback was really positive,” he says. “That’s what got me thinking.”

Chilliwack Metropolitan Orchestra Nature, Life and Love on Nov. 2, 7:30 p.m. at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre, Tickets $25/$15 at box office, or call 604-391-SHOW (7469)