Number 14 bus stops in Chilliwack

The Number 14 is a satirical play with fantastic masks and comedic stunts set aboard a city bus.

The Number 14

The Number 14

It’s being called one of B.C.’s greatest theatrical success stories.

The Number 14 is a satirical play with fantastic masks and comedic stunts set aboard a city bus as it rolls through the streets of Vancouver.

The play is celebrating its 20th anniversary with an international tour, stopping in Chilliwack on Oct. 12 at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre.

Six talented actors swing, sing and talk their way in and out of adventures on the bus, playing a whopping 60 different characters.

It’s been described as part Monty Python and part Mr. Bean style, reflecting the social diversity on public transit as it picks up a bizarre cross-section of riders along the way: old and young, rich and poor, annoying and the annoyed.

The play is the brainchild of founding artistic director Wayne Specht and Roy Surette, and

The Number 14 has played more than 1,000 times on four continents since its premiere by Axis and Touchstone theatres in 1992.

The whole concept turns an ordinary bus route into a crazy, wild and hilarious adventure.

Nancy Bryant’s eccentric costumes and wigs are a visual treat.

In the hands of director Specht, every character presents as unique, carefully defined, and incredibly funny.

From five twitching, mumbling, unbearably funny old folks who morph into manic kindergarten kids on a field trip, to a brilliant pop-eyed mask watching a realtor get dressed on the bus while making a deal on her cell phone, this show is hysterical.

Sitting in a seat becomes a dance, silence shifts into music as six actors transform into different characters, the audience is transported – taken for a ride on The Number 14.

Don’t Miss the Bus!

The Number 14, at the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on October 12 at 7:30 p.m.