A captivating tale of love and loss

A captivating tale of love and loss

Have an enchanted Valentine’s Day with Swan Lake

Swan Lake is at the Cultural Centre on Feb. 14 at 7:30 p.m.

For more than a century, Swan Lake’s enchanting but tragic story has captivated audiences worldwide and Ballet Jörgen’s unique performance is sure to do the same.

A fantastic way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, this original Canadian adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s most loved ballet is coming to the Chilliwack Cultural Centre on Feb. 14.

Choreographed by Toronto’s Ballet Jörgen’s founder and CEO Bengt Jörgen, the classic ballet is given the iconic Canadian twist that Jörgen is known for, by setting it in Canada.

“We are committed to not only recreating ballet classics in a way that is respectful of tradition, but also in a way that is engaging for our modern audience,” he said. “We engage in a dialogue about Canada and reflect Canadian identity in our work. There’s no reason why Swan Lake has to be staged in some imaginary medieval European place. This version of Swan Lake is set in and around the Fortress of Louisbourg, Nova Scotia, and so our audiences will see Canadian heritage intrinsically reflected in the piece.”

Ballet Jörgen will be presenting Swan Lake as part of their annual tour across Canada and the Northern United States, which usually attracts over 50,000 viewers. The production will feature 24 of the company’s dancers, as well as several local dancers.

“I am so excited about this work and to be able to do it with the incredible dancers that we have,” Jörgen said. “Swan Lake has an evocative, beautiful and inspiring quality that makes it a pleasure to work on, and I’m excited about transferring that feeling to the people watching it.”

In addition to their performance on Feb. 14, Ballet Jörgen will be engaging with the community for two classes as well. Kids ages 11-18 will have the opportunity to learn the steps of Swan Lake from the best with the Ballet Jörgen Masterclass on Feb. 13, and registration includes a ticket to the show. Photographing People in Motion with Ballet Jörgen on Feb. 14 will teach participants the skills required to photograph movement in an indoor environment.

An entrancing tale of love and loss, Swan Lake’s evocative story, paired with Tchaikovsky’s enchanting music and Ballet Jörgen’s impressive talent and stunning costumes, is the perfect way to spend Valentine’s Day.

Swan Lake is at the Cultural Centre on Feb. 14 at 7:30 p.m. Tickets: $40/adults, $37/seniors, and $35/youth. To purchase tickets, or to register for the Ballet Jörgen Masterclass or People in Motion with Ballet Jörgen, contact the Centre Box Office online at www.chilliwackculturalcentre.ca, or by calling 604-391-SHOW(7469).