Everything Fitz celebrating the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s third anniversary on Oct. 5

Fiddles and fancy footwork with Everything Fitz

Julie, Kerry, and Tom Fitzpatrick are all champion fiddlers who like to demonstrate their intricate three-part harmonies

They’re a fiddling and step dancing family band from Ontario coming to Chilliwack on October 5 with some of Canada’s best young musicians.

Everything Fitz (for Fitzpatrick) offers a unique stage show meshing music styles for a fun, uplifting, and inspirational night.

The show is celebrating the Chilliwack Cultural Centre’s third anniversary, presented by the Chilliwack Arts & Cultural Centre Society.

Julie, Kerry, and Tom Fitzpatrick are all champion fiddlers and provide intricate three-part harmonies as well as solos on fiddle, mandolin, and guitar. Additional instrumentation includes Pat on percussion along with parents Pam and Paddy providing accompaniment on piano and bass guitar.

Everything Fitz will perform their repertoire featuring the finest Canadian old-time fiddle traditions and Ottawa step dancing.

There’s a bit of everything from traditional jigs and reels, bluegrass, jazz and swing, to Celtic and gospel; as well as novelty numbers and choreographed routines.

The precision and intricacy of their footwork is breathtaking as is the complex choreography. A concert with the Fitzpatricks will satisfy audiences of all ages and tastes, with high-quality family entertainment.

Growing up in the hotbed of music that is Ontario’s Ottawa Valley, the

siblings musical journey began early in life as they studied and mastered the unique fluid style of step dance that evolved with the Irish, Scottish, and French immigrants.

Developing their art from these deep and lasting roots, while allowing the influences of contemporary music to help shape their career, Everything Fitz has received glowing accolades from promoters, theatre presenters, and fans across Canada and the United States.

Tickets are $32 for Adults, $29 for Seniors, and $27 for Students. Call the Centre Box Office at 604-391-SHOW(7469) for more information.