Chilliwack brewed some Chilled Clarity

"Chilled Clarity is a fake brand of beer," says guitarist and vocalist of the band, Bronsen Rasmussen.

The five bands are at the Rickshaw Theatre Oct. 17

The five bands are at the Rickshaw Theatre Oct. 17

They’ve got stage presence and some early evidence of songwriting chops to boot.

Chilliwack band Chilled Clarity realized they were onto something when their music and merch started flying out to all corners of the globe last year.

Now the band’s first CD is coming out since signing with AMP records, exploring the edges of modern grunge.

“We are calling the album ‘Six Pack’ because there will be six songs on it and Chilled Clarity is a fake brand of beer,” says guitarist and vocalist Bronsen Rasmussen.

They’re getting ready for a CD release party on Oct. 17 at the Rickshaw Theatre, and offering the new CD by donation.

“It’s been a pretty great run so far,” says Rasmussen.

The band’s bio says they’re: “armed and ready to rock the party!”

But it’s not all about monetary gain, he adds.

One of the songs they wrote, Shoulda Sold Out, was written after they didn’t win a battle of the bands contest.

“We had the most votes, the loudest crowd and a show full of stage presence but we somehow still managed to lose,” wrote Rasmussen about the band’s experience competing for the title in Band Fight.

“There was something we didn’t know (about why they didn’t win) and it frustrated us beyond belief.”

In the end there was actually a decent take-away from the bittersweet experience.

“There was something we didn’t sell out about, so we did what musicians do best,” Rasmussen says about writing the song. “Enjoy!”

They’re using all the latest tools now to get some attention.

“Through the power of social media, we got the word out really quickly and people as far away as Australia started ordering our disc online!”

After shipping the earlier CD out to the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, the band caught the attention Phil Lehmann who took them under his wing as they worked on the single, Shoulda Sold Out.

“They have a very electrifying live show presence,” says Lehmann, founder & CEO of AMP Records.

Rasmussen says the band is pumped have a shared gig alongside their new buddies with Lucid Afterlife.

Rasmussen will be joined by bandmates, Steve Knox on bass, and Josh Lauze on drums, and they’ll be one of five bands on stage Friday night at the Rickshaw in Vancouver.

“It’s pay what you want. I guess I want opinions and to get music out there.”

Here are some of the lyrics of Shoulda Sold Out:

“Confused don’t wanna be used

Don’t wanna be a second rate substitute

Abused walking in these shoes

Still stuck stumbling on these clues

“Honorably undoubtedly insatiably availably

Now I see that I could a sold out

Laminated overrated isolated imitated

And I debated that I should a sold out

“Spent everything, went so insane

Could a sold out then now it’s just a shame

Looking for fame, no pain no gain

Should a sold out then cause it’s all the same

I should a sold out”

The five bands playing the Rickshaw Oct. 17 include Chilled Clarity, Lucid Afterlife, Contrasound, Elysium Echoes and Meridius. Doors at 7 p.m. Tickets $12.