Valentine flower sales to help sick toddler

A Chilliwack floral designer is selling Valentine's Day bouquets to raise funds for the family of a Chilliwack toddler with brain cancer.

Chilliwack toddler Lilee-Jean Putt was diagnosed with glioblastoma

Chilliwack toddler Lilee-Jean Putt was diagnosed with glioblastoma

Chilliwack: A bouquet of flowers this Valentine’s Day won’t just knock your love’s socks off, it could also help the family of a toddler fighting for her life.

Floral designer Jessica Edwards is using Valentine’s Day as a backdrop to raise funds for Lilee-Jean Putt’s family in their time of need.

Lilee-Jean was diagnosed with Glioblastoma, an aggressive form of brain cancer, last October. The 14-month-old has already undergone extensive and aggressive chemotherapy treatment at BC Children’s Hospital. Hers and her parents’ lives have revolved around the hospital.

Edwards hopes to raise $10,000 to help the family with expenses.

“If I was in this situation, I would want somebody to do this for me,” said Edwards, a mother of a three-year-old and six-month-old.

“I can’t even put my mind around what they’re going through. I don’t even want to think about it. The last thing they need to worry about is having to pay for gas or rent.”

Edwards, owner of Creative Touch Wedding Flowers in Chilliwack, got in a huge stock of flowers Wednesday afternoon all for Lilee-Jean’s floral menu. The delivery 2,000 roses, 200 orchids, 80 birds of paradise, lillies, protea and more.

On the menu are single roses for $5; half dozen roses for $25; dozen roses for $50; a $40 mixed tropical bouquet; $75 mixed tropical bouquet; $100 mixed tropical bouquet; and a mixed roses and lillies bouquet for $40.

Bouquets can be delivered, for an additional fee, from Feb. 11-14.

Several local businesses have also got on board with the fundraiser. In Chilliwack, the liquor stores, Friendly Mike’s, Jolly Miller, Corky’s, Echo Room, and Greek Islands will be selling singles.

Major League 2 has also donated $500 to the cause.

“I can’t believe that Chilliwack has pulled together and made this bigger than I ever expected,” said Edwards, initially only aiming for $500.

Any proceeds raised, above the cost of the flowers, go to Lilee-Jean’s family.

This isn’t the first fundraiser for the youngster.

Lilee-Jean, daughter of Chelsey Whittle and Andrew Putt of Pardon My Striptease, made headlines in December when PMS knocked Nickelback out of the number one spot on iTunes with their song Pray (for LJ). The Chilliwack band challenged Nickelback to match funds raised by the sale of the song to support Children’s Hospital. Nickelback accepted and upped the ante – donating $50,000 to BC Children’s Hospital in Lilee-Jean’s name.

For more information on the Valentine’s Day fundraiser, call 604-614-1488, or email info@creativetouchweddingflowers, or visit the website