Search on for Martin the Video Tonite cat

Chilliwack's Amber Price is hoping Martin can move into The Book Man with fellow cat calendar model Nietzsche

The search is on for Martin the Video Tonite store cat.

But this cat didn’t slink away into the night. Rumour has it he was adopted out when his home was sold, possibly to the SPCA.

The Book Man’s owner Amber Price noticed last week that the Menzies Street video store had closed down, and she immediately wondered what had happened to Martin.

Price is a cat lover herself, and Martin is a bit of a local feline superstar.

He’s been a featured cat in the calendar created by The Book Man, along with Nietzsche, the used bookseller’s own store cat.

She is hoping to find Martin, and have him come live with Nietzsche, and put the word out on social media Monday morning.

“Kitty sleuthing! Who knew this was how I was going to be spending my day?” she says.

She said the portly tabby cat has a fondness for whipping cream. When the Video Tonite diversified and started the Starlight Cafe, he learned to come running when he heard a drink being made.

She has heard so far that he may be at the SPCA, but the SPCA can only look through their records based on the name of the person who brought him there. Also, it’s just a rumour.

She knows Martin did not end up at Ena’s Community Cats, as she works closely with the founder. The cat calendar that features Martin is a project to help fund the cat shelter.

She is hoping that Nietzsche and Martin would become good friends.

Nietzsche is “very chill” with other cats, a fact they know because The Book Man allows pets to come in with their owners.

If anyone has information on Martin’s whereabouts, Price is hoping to hear more and can be contacted at The Book Man, at 604-792-4595.