Sardis students speak to mental health issues

Spoken word, stories and music to shed light on mental health issues facing today's teenagers

Students at Sardis secondary school are planning a Child and Youth Mental Health Day, to raise awareness in the school and community.

Everyone is invited to attend, says organizer Zophia Lundstrom. The event runs for an hour, and begins at 6:30 p.m. on May 7, at Sardis secondary. There will be information tables, tea and snacks, and special presenters throughout the evening.

Students will perform spoken word poetry, tell personal stories, and play live music. The event is free to attend, but they would gladly accept donations to help cover some of the food costs.

“We aren’t hoping to raise funds, but we are hoping to raise awareness,” Lundstrom says.

Many teens experience mental health issues, she adds. They can become overwhelmed easily, and experience anxiety.