OUR COMMUNITY: Josh Bohr wants to make a difference

The energetic 19-year-old aspires to one day toil at the global level: working at the United Nations.

'I want my life to make a difference

'I want my life to make a difference

Josh Bohr of Chilliwack has always wanted to do more than just live his life.

“I want my life to make a difference,” he said with conviction. “I think I’d be restless otherwise.”

The energetic 19-year-old with a big smile aspires to one day toil at the global level: working at the United Nations.

For now he’s content working at Starbucks in Chilliwack, while finishing his degree, and making a difference, one caffeinated beverage at time.

“In a weird way I send people off with their cup of coffee or Frappucino and they leave the store a little better than when they walked in.”

Bohr enjoys being a barista while studying political science and preparing for his role next month as coordinator of the summer vacation program, Kids Games.

It will run evenings from August 17-21 at the Salvation Army Community Church on Brooks Avenue.

“I think Kids Games will be one of the highlights of my life,” he says.

Bohr comes by it all honestly. His mom is a school teacher and his dad is a pastor at Salvation Army, who brought Kids Games to Chilliwack about eight years ago.

“I think it’s just so unique and so special because unlike other bible camps being offered around town, it is not just for church kids. It’s for everyone.”

The evening program mixes bible-based life training with sports coaching, and this year it focuses on soccer, basketball, lacrosse, martial arts, or even ukelele.

Bohr started helping with Kids Games from the time he was in Grade 6, and started getting serious about it three summers ago.

“This year I’m coordinating, and I hope to see it impact people the way it impacted me.”

Aside from the hours of sports training and coaching, there are also valuable life lessons on offer, through skits, videos, songs, and discussions in group settings.

This year they’ll focus on what it means to be part of a community, using the theme of a construction worksite. They’ll talk about how to be humble. How to be an individual. How to be trustworthy. How to put others first.

Bohr’s positivity is positively infectious, as he maps out some of his goals along with helping underprivileged youth.

“I want the kids feeling valued and empowered. I hope they leave feeling energized about making their own contributions.”

It’s a thrill when he gets to see participants’ lives changing for the better right before his eyes.

“I love seeing their lives changes,” he says. “It impacts the program volunteers too.

“I am very proud of the impact this program has had and will continue to have on the community of Chilliwack.”

Bohr grew up with a strong need to give back, through the Sally Ann church and helping at the food bank for example.

“Look, I have been given every advantage in life. Now I want to put those resources and energy to good use.”