McCammon kids in Chilliwack get breakfast covered

The breakfast program might see fruit, cereal and yogurt, oatmeal, or eggs and juice served to the kids.

Members of the Mount Cheam Lions Club (in red

Some kids at McCammon elementary were coming to school with hungry bellies.

The Mount Cheam Lions Club of Chilliwack jumped into action to do something about it.

“This particular breakfast project was agreed to unanimously by our club,” explains Lions director John Boyle. “And it has probably brought us more pleasure than anything else we’ve done.”

McCammon Traditional Elementary School will be introducing a daily breakfast program for school children who arrive for class hungry.

The generous funding of about $4000 for this program is courtesy of the Mount Cheam Lions Club, inspired by a donation from the Mertin Family and the Mertin Group of Companies.

“We had become aware that there was a need at some of our inner schools in Chilliwack for a breakfast program,” Boyle recounted. “We thought that this might be a nice project for us, as it fills our objectives.”

They contacted school board officials to ascertain where the need was greatest.

The school will determine the level of need among the school population, and they expect to soon be feeding about 20 to 25 children.

The breakfast might contain fruit, cereal and yogurt, oatmeal, or eggs and juice for example.

“We are basically adopting McCammon as a school,” he added. “We will be there for more than just this project.”