Haunting to help Chilliwack SPCA

Jeannie's Haunted House is filled with blood, zombies and creepy dolls, and it's all to raise money and donations for the Chilliwack SPCA.

Jeannie Savard (standing) is ready to scare the socks off people with help from husband Gary

Jeannie Savard (standing) is ready to scare the socks off people with help from husband Gary

Get ready for blood, zombies, and creepy dolls.

Jeannie Savard is inviting people to her house in Promontory for her sixth annual Halloween haunted house.

Savard celebrates Halloween like others might celebrate Christmas — she goes all out with her decorations. Her basement is full of gory props like severed heads, crawling insects, and bloody flesh wounds.

“It’s like we are in your worst nightmares and we’re bringing them alive,” she says.

Visitors will enter Jeannie’s Haunted House through the front door and into the vampire mansion, past the blood bank and to the ‘lost souls’ ghost scene. There will be a skeleton bar, a bubbling pool of death, werewolves, and jumping spiders.

Her haunted house takes up the entire main floor of her home, as well as her back porch, front yard, and along the side of her house.

It takes Savard about six to eight weeks to put everything together.

This year, her daughter Madison and her daughter’s best friend, Victoria Sloan, put together their own display. Their misfit toy shop will be full of creepy dolls and teddy bears with misplaced limbs.

“Last year you could not get up and down the street,” says Savard. “There’s always a lineup to get in.”

This year she predicts it will be even busier since Halloween falls on a Friday, and kids don’t have to go to bed early for school the next day.

And when Savard and her dozen volunteers scare the snot out of people, it’s for a good cause. Each year she raises money for the Chilliwack SPCA. People can donate cash or pet food.

“We’re not evil people, we just want to entertain people. It’s all theatrical,” she adds.

Savard has so many Halloween props that she can’t even use them all. She’d love to move her haunted house to a bigger space.

“We’d like to find a barn or a shed that’s not being used. We have the props, we just need the space.”

Some of this year’s unused props will be on loan for Rock the $#@! out of Halloween, a fundraiser to raise money for cancer research at the Best Western on Nov. 1.

Jeannie’s Haunted House is located at 5379 Westwood Dr. Anyone who has an old barn or shed she can move her attraction to in the future can contact her at 778-808-0478.

Hours: Thursday, Oct. 30 from 5 to 8 p.m. (no live characters, sneak peek only), and Halloween night from 6 to 11 p.m.

For more info go to ‘Jeannie’s Haunted House’ on Facebook.