Chilliwack kids celebrate Earth Day at hatchery

Young students released 2,000 coho smolts into a stream last week in Chilliwack in celebration of Earth Day.

Six-year-old Caleb Hedekar

Six-year-old Caleb Hedekar

Above, Six-year-old Caleb Hedekar, a kindergarten student at Chilliwack Landing Preschool and Kindergarten, peers into a trough of coho smolts during a visit to Skowkale Hatchery on Wednesday.

Below, five-year-old James Simpson releases coho smolts into a stream that runs along Chilliwack River Road.

Students from Chilliwack Landing Preschool and Squiala Preschool were celebrating Earth Day last week and got to release some of the 2,000 smolts into the stream that day.

The annual event sees younger students (up to Grade 3) releasing fish into the stream which leads to the Fraser River. Additionally, students from Sto:lo Alternate and Chilliwack Education Centre lend a hand with the day’s activities.