Marlene Dance and Donna Hayes are the instructors for the 'Laptops with Windows 7' course at ElderCollege.

Marlene Dance and Donna Hayes are the instructors for the 'Laptops with Windows 7' course at ElderCollege.

Chilliwack ElderCollege postpones registration to Jan. 24

Eldercollege reps are gearing up for Spring 2012 registration Tuesday at the old Ag-Rec building in Chilliwack.

Eldercollege reps are postponed the Spring 2012 registration to Jan. 24  at the old Ag-Rec building in Chilliwack.

There’s bound to be high demand for several course offerings, including the Laptops with Windows 7.

The instructors are ready to help seniors who may have purchased or been given a brand-new laptop computer this year.

They know it’s likely to be popular, because last year they actually had a substantial waiting list.

“We knew there would be strong demand for us to run the course again this year,” says instructor Marlene Dance.

She and co-instructor Donna Hayes will tag-team the teaching duties, helping people figure out how to optimize their new PC-based laptops that run the Windows 7 operating system, with the help of experienced high school seniors who get class credit.

“We just wouldn’t be as successful without the assistance of the high school students,” says Hayes. “We call them the tutors and the people taking the course are students. We’ve learned a few things from them ourselves.”

Hayes teaches the other more basic computer courses as well from the UFV computer lab used by Eldercollege. All those units run on the XP system, but folks with newer PC laptops were having trouble making the transition to Windows 7, hence the need for the course.

“Some were overwhelmed and frightened of Windows 7. They become more comfortable learning about this computer while it’s sitting in front of them,” she says.

They’ll learn a range of tricks, aside from the various functions, they’ll learn how to upload images from digital cameras, as well as how to attach them to emails.

To take the laptop course, eldercollege participants have to have some basic computer skills to begin with, but what it’s aimed at is giving them full use of their computers.

Whether someone is new to the world of computers or upgrading their technology skills, Eldercollege has something to offer.

Computers for Beginners is divided into three levels to accommodate learners at various stages with the Windows operating system. For those who have progressed beyond the basics and are curious about using Facebook but concerned about security, a six-session course on Safe Social Networking is in the offing.

Eldercollege Chilliwack is a non-profit society offering non credit short courses to adults aged 50+, with fees from $23 to $49 depending on the number of sessions. Classes are held on the north campus of the University of the Fraser Valley at the intersection of Yale and Airport roads.

Registration for Elder College Spring 2012 semester is set for Tuesday, January 24. This event is held at the Landing Sports Centre, (formerly the Ag Rec building), at 45530 Spadina Ave. Doors open at 3 p.m., registration is 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

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