Gary and Lisa Moran are the organizers of the third-annual Chilliwack Garlic and Music Festival being held this weekend at their home business

Chilliwack celebrates garlic

Chilliwack Garlic and Music Festival is being held this weekend at Fantasy Farms.

Gary and Lisa Moran aim to tickle Chilliwack’s palates with this weekend’s garlic and music festival.

The festival will feature several varieties of garlic from across the province.

“It’s a celebration of this very, very wonderful vegetable that garnishes most dishes,” said Moran, owner of Fantasy Farms where the festival is being held.

Moran laments the dried garlic most commonly found in grocery stores. Often imported from China, it’s stored in a warehouse for months, and by the time it finally reaches the shelves “it’s lost a lot of its energy.”

“The garlic that’s grown in B.C. is totally, totally different than anywhere else in the world,” said Moran, noting garlic takes on elements from the soil it’s grown in.

“When it’s fresh … it’s way stronger.”

The festival will not only be an opportunity to sample garlics, but will also provide an education into the world of garlic, informing attendees on all the ways garlic can be used.

“Every part of garlic is edible,” said Moran, listing uses for the bulbs, scapes, scallions, even garlic seeds can be used in such things as soups and salads.

The family-friendly event will also feature a range of rockabilly music, a pin-up girls pageant, and a vintage market offering retro ’50s style makeovers and photo shoots.

The garlic and music festival is on Sept. 7 from 10-6 and Sept. 8 from 10-4 at Fantasy Farms located at 9423 Gibson Road.

Adults $8, seniors and children $7.

For more information visit the website