Baba’s Kitchen author spins stories Tuesday at Chilliwack library

Storyteller and author Reisa Mary Stone presents Baba's Kitchen, Tuesday March 13 at Chilliwack library.

Chilliwack author Reisa Mary Stone will be performing outrageously funny and poignant stories and traditional songs at the Chilliwack library on Tuesday night.

Her book, Baba’s Kitchen, is a half-century labour of love documenting the post-WWII experience through the eyes of her immigrant family and Ukrainian community.

When a feisty Ukrainian grandma slings borsch, there’s bound to be mayhem in the kitchen.

A discussion of Easter traditions is part of this rich presentation. From blessed eggs with indigenous designs that have been passed down for 7000 years, intertwined with Christian motifs, to the world’s largest bread loaf, her stories and meticulous research will entertain and inform.

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Storyteller and author Reisa Mary Stone presents Baba’s Kitchen, Tuesday March 13, 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Registration not required.