Fresh ideas at Did I Mention Flowers?

Dave Algers brings 40 years of floral experience to Did I Mention Flowers, which recently opened in downtown Chilliwack.

Dave Algers brings 40 years of floral experience to Did I Mention Flowers

Dave Algers brings 40 years of floral experience to Did I Mention Flowers

Did I Mention Flowers has opened up on Mill Street, offering a fresh look at florals.

After 40 years in the floral industry, head designer Dave Alger has seen and arranged it all. But he decided right from the beginning that he would be a leader rather than a follower with his designs.

“You need to keep it interesting, and you need to keep it fresh and alive,” he said.

Fresh is certainly the perfect way to describe this shop. You can feel it in the air, and catch its scent from the moment you walk in. The displays of flowers over the signature antique pianos and reclaimed furniture pieces are constantly changing. Each of the expertly sculpted floral arrangements, even down to the vases that contain them, are intricate and unique.

Growing up in Sidney B.C., Dave first became interested in florals as a youth. “I’d go out into the woods and pick whatever I could find, for church displays,” he said. His interest carried him to the shop window of a local florist, where he would watch and learn, intrigued by her expertise.

As a teen, he landed his first job as a designer at that same shop, earning just $1 an hour. But it wasn’t long before he was ready for a shop of his own.

Dave built up a strong reputation as a trendsetter in the floral industry, owning and working in a variety of flower shops across the Lower Mainland over the years. Today, he’s well-prepared to take on any challenge that Chilliwack customers present to him, but he doesn’t do it alone.

“It’s a family endeavour,” he said of the new shop. Offering more than fresh flowers, the shop also sells Laura’s handmade greeting cards, Marion’s knit accessories, and Dave’s quilts. Dave and Marion’s son-in-law Adam handles their social media presence, and their three granddaughters have fun putting together displays in the store.

Did I Mention Flowers can craft something beautiful and eye-catching for any budget, whether you’re looking to deck out a party venue, or find the perfect little hostess gift.

“I’m always looking for something new, or taking something old and finding a new purpose for it,” Dave enthused. “So come in and talk to us. We’d love to share what we know.”

Oh – and it’s not too early to start thinking about those Valentine’s Day roses. Call 604-793-9491 or stop by to pre-order the perfect bouquet to be delivered to your special someone.

Did I Mention Flowers is open Tuesday to Saturday from 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. Visit them at #5-9360 Mill Street or at