The owners of Harvest Store and Café

The owners of Harvest Store and Café

Flavours of the season at Harvest Store and Cafe

Harvest Cafe is tailoring its offerings with the autumnal foods that both warm the heart and satisfy the soul.

As the seasons change, so too does the menu at Harvest Cafe.

The unique cafe is tailoring its offerings with the autumnal foods that both warm the heart and satisfy the soul.

But innovation is nothing new at Harvest Store and Cafe. The business created a stir when it opened in May, not just because of its food, but because of its unique ensemble of home decor and interior stylings.

Harvest traces it lineage back to the successful Objekts, which operated on Wellington for years. When owners Ron Romeyn and Kevin Klassen decided to relocate to Mill Street, they also decided to reinvent their business.

Their inspiration came from a recent trip to New York where they toured ABC Carpet and Home. That Manhattan institution successfully pairs 10 floors of home furnishings with an awarding winning restaurant.

Refined to a more practical Chilliwack scale, Harvest Store and Cafe is a destination for home accessories, bathing products, kitchenware, jewelry, fashion and food.

For Romeyn, a return to the kitchen was a return to his roots. He trained as a baker, so he’s at home in the kitchen in the early mornings, preparing the fresh baked goods that are served each day.

The menu is ever evolving, Romeyn says. “We’re constantly changing things here,” he says above the clatter of the busy kitchen.

Their menu ideas come through research, collaboration and a simple love of well prepared food. Right now, the baking has a decidedly Halloween flavor, but visions of Christmas treats are also dancing in Romeyn’s head.

Soon, there will be other changes. Starting Oct. 29 Harvest will be open for breakfast, offering everything from the traditional bacon and eggs “and an amazing farmers sausage,” to waffles, candied bacon and even a homemade granola.

Other menu changes include regular daily specials, like the mac and cheese.

Romeyn says Harvest tries to source its offerings as locally and organically as possible. For example, it recently started acquiring its organic chicken and turkey through The Town Butcher on Yale. The flavour, says Romeyn, is simply outstanding.

Most menu items come with a healthy twist. Even the cinnamon buns are made with whole wheat, Romeyn says with a laugh.

Harvest Store and Cafe is located at 9381 Mill Street. For more information call 604.392.5501.