Community feel at Scarecrow Ink

Scarecrow Ink in Chilliwack moved to a new location on Yale Road

From left

From left

Step into Scarecrow Ink and you’ll be warmly welcomed by the staff there.

It’s a clean, open space with a lounge-like feel. A pool table sits at one end of the room, beside a large and comfortable waiting area.

Along the back wall are four tattooing stations, and beside that, a piercing room.

“The thing that really runs this place is the customers. It’s the community that makes our shop,” says piercing artist Jesse Longbear.

Longbear is one of five artists at Scarecrow. The other four are all tattoo artists and include Cody Wilkins who’s known as the script kid because of his talents at tattooing script, Dallas Cruz who does colour realism, Alex Tass who specializes in watercolour pieces, and Marc Roy who’s talent is black-and-grey realism.

They also have two apprentices working for them; Matti Johnson for tattoos and Madison Halldorson for piercings.

Roy has been tattooing for six years.

“I get to do what my passion is every day, and I have a clientele that gives me the artistic freedom to create the pieces that I want, which to me is the golden ticket,” says Roy.

About 70 per cent of their clients are repeat customers.

“The dynamic of the old tattoo shop has changed. It’s now very family oriented,” says Longbear.

He tells of one story where a young girl came into the shop with her mother to get her ears pierced. Longbear explained to her each step he takes when he does a piercing, and showed her how he uses and cleans his tools.

“We are artists here and we’re here to make your dream come true,” says Longbear.

For even the smallest piece, the artists at Scarecrow Ink will consult the person. They sit down with them and take the time to discuss with the client what they are envisioning.

“As much as we are a tattoo shop, it still operates with a customer service model. We try to make people feel welcome — it’s nice, it’s non-threatening,” says Longbear.

“It’s like inviting someone into your home,” adds Roy. “It’s the atmosphere. When they walk in here, it feels inviting.”

Scarecrow Ink was established in 2007. It operated at two different locations on Young Road before moving to its new location on Yale Road in March. The owners are Ryan Millman, Ted Shipley, and Cody Thiessen.

The company has taken part in fundraisers over the years including raising money for Ruth and Naomi’s and prostate cancer.

To see the artists’ portfolios, go to their Facebook page.

Scarecrow Ink is located at 46245 Yale Rd. For more info, call 604-702-5911 or email