Tanja Shaw

Four simple ways to makeover your favourite recipe

Here are four ways to give your favourite dish a healthy makeover without sacrificing taste, says Tanja Shaw.

Is your food journal failing you?

For long term success with weigh loss and weigh maintenance, keeping a food journal is a very useful, says Tanja Shaw

Not losing weight at the gym? This might be the reason

There are a few reasons why the scale may not budge despite regular visits to the gym.

Tips for the active mom

If you are wondering when you’ll be able to get out of your stretchy pants and back into your pre-pregnancy jeans, you are not alone.

What is the best diet to follow?

To find the best diet plan for you, ask yourself two questions, says Tanja Shaw.

Spice up your exercise routine

Make exercise fresh and exciting again with a few simple changes to your workout program, says Tanja Shaw.

Celebrate your fitness successes

You need to re-evaluate your focus and goals, redefine success, and celebrate success, says Tanja Shaw.

The clean sheet on detox

A few simple tips can help your body detoxify naturally and safely, says Tanja Shaw

For a strong, healthy body, choose free weights

Free weights require balance, integration, and strength of every joint and muscle in your body.

Three steps to running success

Anyone can be a runner. Whether you run slowly, quickly, or only on sunny Wednesdays, you are a runner.

Ten minutes to better health

If you have 10 minutes, you have time for to fit in your cardio training.

You have the power to choose a healthier lifestyle

No matter where you are today, YOU have the power to change where you are tomorrow by the decisions you make.

How to shape up for your wedding day

The best way to slim down and look ravishing on your wedding day is to eat healthy, exercise regularly and to start early, says Tanja Shaw

Set a goal to help overcome barriers to a healthier you

Set a goal, get committed, learn the necessary steps, take action and get help.

With friends like these…

You may be ready to embrace and make the change, but your friends and family may not be.

Don’t let fitness take a vacation this holiday season

You can move toward your goal weight and increase your fitness level amid the festivities, Here's how.

Time to get ready for winter

To maintain your fitness level this winter, dress for the weather, exercise with a friend, and be creative.

Lower your risk of high blood pressure: another reason to get active

Leading a healthy lifestyle can help control your high blood pressure, or decrease the likelihood of developing high blood pressure.

Conquer your fear of fitness

Living a healthier lifestyle is as much mental as it is physical.

Healthy eating in the great outdoors

For many, camping is also the perfect way to stray from healthy eating. But it doesn't have to be.