Tanja Shaw

Don’t just dream of a great sleep

While we may not get a good night sleep every night, there are compelling reasons why you should prioritize sleep

Wishing you a stressfree holiday

Christmas is less than two weeks away: are you excited? Or, are you a wee bit stressed?

How much exercise is enough?

I often get asked ‘How much exercise should I be doing?’ That is a good question. And like many good questions, there is no simple answer.

Five cardio training mistakes

Cardiovascular exercise is important, but there are ways to unknowingly sabotage a workout routine

Downside of 30-day challenges (and what you can do instead)

If you’d like to build a strong, functional body, put a bit of thought into which 30-day challenge you choose, says Tanja Shaw.

Don’t let the heat beat your summertime workouts

There’s one guarantee if you’re planning on keeping in shape this summer: the heat. Here are some tips to help you keep your cool.

Good nutrition goes beyond simply losing weight

Sure, calories matter, says Tanja Shaw. However, there are fundamental problems in this way of thinking when looking at food.

Six ways to be mindful of what you eat

Mindful eating simply means being fully aware of the food you are eating and eating for the right reasons, says Tanja Shaw.

Six creative ways to swap out your carbs

One easy way to reduce the total amount of starches you consume in a day is to substitute in non-starchy veggies, says Tanja Shaw.

Which is better for fat loss: cardio or strength?

Despite your attraction to daily cardio, here are a few good reasons to shift your focus from cardio training to strength training.

Are your friends saboteurs or supporters?

Trying to lose weight, and become healthier? You’re probably familiar with diet saboteurs: people who try to derail you from your plan.

How to save yourself a little money on groceries

If you have a tight budget, grocery shopping is a challenge, especially if you are trying to eat healthy foods. But it doesn't have to be.

Learning to love the lunge

The lunge is one of the most common lower body strength exercises, and one that definitely deserves some attention.

Don’t just survive this holiday season, thrive

This holiday, follow these tips to thrive during the holidays: to fully enjoy the holiday season.

How to take control of those unwanted eating habits

Tanja Shaw offers tips on how you can have a more peaceful relationship with food.

How to redefine failure and turn a setback into an opportunity

The problem isn’t that you ‘fail’, the problem lies in the way you view slip-ups, says Tanja Shaw.

Change your words; Change your life

Your choice of words can impact your overall attitude and perspective on life, says Tanja Shaw

Getting healthy for a cause

For lasting commitment for exercise, many people find it easier to link exercise to a purpose that is beyond themselves.

Don’t let the ‘gymtimidation’ keep you from your fitness goals

A gym can be an intimidating place, but it doesn't have to be, says Tanja Shaw.

Keeping your workout short and sweet

You can actually reach an optimal fitness level in just 20-30 minutes of planned movement, a few times per week, says Tanja Shaw.