Sam Waddington

Column: Dreams of a trail network above Chilliwack

As the fall sets in we will finalize the route and begin to cut back brush and fallen trees from the future path.

Keep your cool while hot weather hiking

I am of the mindset that the heat simply changes how we play outside in the summer, rather than limits it, says Sam Waddington.

Call of the Wild: Much to explore in Chilliwack’s back country

Chilliwack seems to have embraced the early arrival of spring this year, and already the trails are buzzing with activity.

Highlighting some of the local talent

I have chosen to highlight some of these athletes and give a window into the underground outdoor culture emerging in our lovely little burg.

Column: Building better trails in Chilliwack

Keep your eyes posted as we the snow lifts in the Spring of 2015 and the Chilliwack Trails Society begins their work on our needy trails.

Globetrotters make Chilliwack stop

Peter and Shahla have travelled the world, seen 77 countries and spoke the local languages. They are Globetrotters.

Living in a land of environmental diversity

When I think about Chilliwack, I see contrasts and I see so much beauty.

Slesse Memorial Trail due for an upgrade

Work is beginning to rebuild sections of the Mt. Slesse trail that accesses this incredible piece of backcountry.

Of spring time and bears

There are many misconceptions about bears and how people should interact with them; it is my aim to dispel some of those false notions.

Paragliding gives Chilliwack a whole new perspective

If human free flight is on your bucket list, then Chilliwack is the place for you.

‘Vedder River Greenway’ just the beginning?

This project has put the spotlight on the secondary and tertiary waterways within our city,on the south side of town and the north