Margaret Evans

Discovery opens new window on the universe

Until now, the Higgs Boson has been the only elusive, undetected particle but which has stubbornly been suspected to exist.

World leaders bring no new ideas to Rio summit

While the world changes, leaders at the Rio+20 summit spin their wheels.

Rekindling the debate over doctor-assisted suicide

The emotional debate on the ethics and morals of euthanasia and doctor assisted suicide continue to be argued.

The genetics behind a thoroughbred’s race to victory

What is it about the thoroughbred that stands the breed apart from others? The ‘speed gene’.

Elizabeth’s steady hand at monarchy’s helm

With this weekend’s Diamond Jubilee the popularity of the Queen is at an all-time high.

Possible snakehead sighting spine-chilling

Snakehead sighting offers reminder of the dangers of releasing invasive specie into the wild.

The best (and worst) places to be a mother

In total, 173 countries were ranked and the disparities between the top and bottom countries were staggering for mother and child care.

What will the future hold for plant growth?

Plant responses to climate change can have huge consequences for water supply, pollination, crop production and ecosystem health

Sleepless nights for the B.C. Liberal party

Premier Christy Clark must be holding her breath wondering what next bad day/worse day event is going to crush her work week.

The good and the bad in this year’s federal budget

Funding for applied science is good but it shouldn’t come at the expense of investment in basic science...

Don’t sacrifice protection in the name of efficiency

According to leaked documents, the feds want to drop the ‘habitat’ reference to ‘modernize’ environmental legislation

Canadian scientists should be free to speak their minds

Canadians have a right to an opportunity to know more about our scientists’ work and how their research affects our lives.

Rapid growth hands challenges to Chilliwack

Preparing for growth means Chilliwack must plan for future infrastructure needs as areas continue to develop and increase in density.

Canada’s search for retirement sustainability

Active seniors are opting to continue to gainfully work in some capacity but the projected numbers still forecast an unsustainable scenario

Chilliwack winter storm a lesson on the value of preparation

Last week’s snowstorm, fast, furious and thankfully finished, came on the heels of what most of us were enjoying as a warm and balmy winter.

Much at stake in northern pipeline debate

It’s perhaps too early to make a judgment call on Enron’s Northern Gateway Pipelines proposal.

Weather that seems to defy predictions

Up until Christmas day in Chilliwack, it was the driest December since 1914.

Change and upheaval marked this year

So what were the most newsworthy stories in 2011? One word seems it sum it up: Upheaval.

Season marks time for special celebrations

The winter solstice and Christmas are times of special celebration.

What can we learn from Attawapiskat?

Attawapiskat mirrors many Attawapiskats across the country where native people live in squalid conditions.

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