Margaret Evans

Column: Food waste a fixable problem

Today, Canadians waste $31 billion worth of food every year. That’s about 30 per cent to 40 per cent of all food produced.

Column: Cost of climate change will be more than hot days

As we head into a scorcher of a weekend, climate scientists are warning that 2015 could be the warmest year globally on record.

Column: Federal health minister needs to do her research

If the health minister genuinely wanted clinical scientific evidence and safety reviews to assess medical marijuana, she could get it.

Column: The dark legacy of Canada’s residential schools

It’s unbelievable this went on for over a century. Children were literally ripped away from their families.

Column: Government has a duty to let scientists speak

Without sound, peer-reviewed science, evidence-based policy decisions for the benefit of Canadians can’t be made.

Column: Gratitude still strong 70 years after peace comes to Europe

While the lights lit homes and streets they bathed the world in an illumination of peace and renewed hope.

Nepal struggles to recover from devastating earthquake

Overcoming this destruction will be a monumental challenge for Nepal, one of the poorest of Asia’s nations.

Column: Marking 45 years of Earth Day celebrations

This Wednesday was Earth Day and the 45th anniversary of its launch in spring 1970.

Column: Lessons to be learned from Vancouver fuel spill

Yes, the oil spill was serious. But the safety record off our coast is apparently pretty good

Column: Time to get serious about our water resources

As another warm week slips by, there are signs all around that we could be on the cusp of a new normal in weather trends.

Column: Earthquakes happen, whether we’re ready or not

An earthquake will happen any time, any place, any season, and under any condition. Ready for that?

Warming Pacific waters could signal trouble ahead

NOAA’s Northwest Fisheries Science Center has been recording warm waters off the west coast.

Opinion: Government’s anti-terrorism bill goes too far

Before Bill C-51 goes any further, an independent review body needs to examine exactly what this Bill means and the extent of its reach.

Column: The risk firefighters face working on our behalf

Across Canada, firefighters risk their lives to keep our homes and our communities safe.

Column: Get ready to lose an hour of sleep this weekend

At 2 a.m. Sunday, the clocks go forward one hour and Daylight Saving Time starts. Personally, I wish we could stay there.

Column: Parents have role to play in preventing bullying

Bullying has always been a threatening fabric of society and dealing with it was pretty easy in pre-Internet days.

Column: Measles vaccine has saved more than 100 million lives

Not surprisingly there has been a growing push-back against the anti-vaccers who still seem to think that not vaccinating their kids is OK

Column: Warming weather puts pressure on ski resorts

Watching the climate trends, ski operators around the globe are aware that there are consequences for their enterprises in a warming world

Column: Managing wildlife in B.C. presents its challenges

Managing cougars has its own challenges, making protection of their continuous habitat a central driver to their conservation.

Column: Wolf cull raises questions

Here we are 40 years later still thinking it’s a good idea to shoot wolves as a conservation measure. Is that a good idea?