Margaret Evans

Decision day draws near for HST

With the HST referendum package in the mail, the oddly struck question now needs an answer:

“Are you in favour of extinguishing the HST (harmonized sales tax) and reinstating the PST (provincial sales tax) in conjunction with the GST (goods and services tax)? (Yes/No).

Spring weather tells a story of contrasts

Finally, this past weekend looked like spring, or maybe a springboard into…

Counting down to the Stanley Cup playoffs

That 3-2 double overtime win by the Canucks last Tuesday was just…

Byelection over; now it’s down to business

Premier Christy Clark did a lot of nail-biting last Wednesday as the…

Death of bin Laden brings more questions

With the stunning surprise of Osama bin Laden’s death sinking in, many questions both curious and legal are starting to surface.

New animal cruelty legislation holds out hope

Following the news in February of the horrendous slaughter of sled dogs…

Will the royal wedding revive the monarchy?

In three days, Prince William and Kate Middleton will marry in the most celebrated royal event in decades. The wedding is but a day, but will their marriage march right into the crossroads of the monarchy’s future?

Where is the Independent Investigation Office?

Why would an RCMP officer Taser a child?

What possible reasoning would be in play to justify such an action?

Election battle will be bitterly fought

Why an election? Why now?

Well, apparently, why not. After four elections in seven years, that testy Ottawa Club at least wants to keep the routine alive. But if truth be told, Harper is just as keen as any of his opposition foes to go to the polls to try once more for that elusive majority he’s burning for. Right now he has the most to win while the Liberals and NDP have the most to lose.

Japan: The earthquake felt around the world

When the devastating 9.0 earthquake struck off Japan’s east coast Friday, it was so powerful it not only shifted Japan’s largest island eastward by 2.4 metres but it shifted the Earth’s axis by 25 cm.

Spring forecast: Cool and wet to continue

Talk about a strange winter. Last month was the coldest February since…

How long will the Clark honeymoon last?

All those smiles, waves, and made-for-TV hugs on stage after Christy Clark,…

Time to take a look at minimum wage

Try living on the minimum wage of $8/hour in British Columbia and…

After the revolution: What’s next for Egypt?

What a difference a day makes. Well, 18 days.The pro-democracy demonstrations in…

Major earthquake could soon come knocking

According to Earthquakes Canada, in the last month between December 29 and…

Let’s not try to rewrite what’s already been written

Last week the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council inflamed music lovers across Canada…