Greg Knill

Waiting for the other shoe

And so ends Chilliwack’s first flirtation with a Western Hockey League franchise – not with the celebration of a championship win, or even the hopeful expectation of a next season, but with the odour of a relationship gone sour.

A standard for Parliament

Chuck Strahl’s decision to not seek re-election draws to a close a career that has spanned one of the more fascinating periods in Canadian politics.

And it leaves a hole in Ottawa that will be difficult to fill.

Piece of the puzzle

An innovative supportive housing project drew impassioned debate from those both for…

Can we find a better way?

Chilliwack can be justifiably proud of the renovations that have taken place…

Breaking the cycle

The provincial government has made good its promise to assist in the creation of a supportive housing project that will help break the cycle of drug dependency for those seeking help.
Now it’s up to city council.

Keep your eyes on the road

Drive down any Chilliwack street and it becomes pretty obvious how effective…

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