Greg Knill

Opinion: Time to step up

Chilliwack has done much work to address the issues of homelessness, but it needs active participation from other levels of government.

Opinion: Fraud season never ends

The more information we have, the better equipped we are to protect ourselves and the ones we care about from falling victim to scams.

Are foot patrols the right step?

Foot patrols by police may be popular with the public, but are they the most efficient use of limited resources?

Opinion: Too soon to give up

There are no shortage of suggestions on ways to improve Chilliwack’s downtown core. But giving up should not be one of them.

Opinion: Keeping crime in perspective

While we work to make Chilliwack a safer community, we should not lose sight of the good that's being done every day.

Opinion: The price of popularity

The Vedder River Greenway is a spectacular and cherished asset that will continue to grow and improve. But it needs protection

There were more than a few empty chairs last Thursday at the first of three community engagement meetings planned by city council.

Sparse turnout at first of three community engagement meetings

Additional meeting planned for April 20 and April 21.

There were more than a few empty chairs last Thursday at the first of three community engagement meetings planned by city council.

Opinion: Better data, better response

Declaration of a health emergency regarding drug overdoses will mean more information and batter planning.

Opinion: Thank a volunteer

This week agencies across Chilliwack are acknowledging a resource they could not survive without: their volunteers.

Opinion: Riding a red hot market

Chilliwack's sizzling real estate market may be exciting for sellers, but what is it doing to affordability?

Homeless action plan is a work in progress

Those who say nothing is being done to address homelessness in Chilliwack don't have their facts straight

The Chilliwack Progress recognizes 125 years.

On the record for 125 years

Chilliwack Progress marks 125 years since its first edition

The Chilliwack Progress recognizes 125 years.

Opinion: Distracted driving message not getting through

During Thursday’s three-hour enforcement exercise 37 tickets were issued for distracted driving.

Opinion: Homeless action plan a good first step

The Chilliwack action plan, backed by a $700,000 commitment, sets out six specific goals, but the city can't do it alone.

Opinion: Tapping the energy

Chilliwack city council is making it easier to tap the energy and ideas in local neighbourhoods

Opinion: The cost of efficiency

Although it is important to be fiscally responsible, health care in Canada has to be about more than the bottom line.

Opinion: Guns are not toys

Guns – even fake guns – are not toys, and their use is not a game.

Opinion: Learning from tragedy

We need to constantly remind ourselves and others of the potential damage a vehicle of any kind can do.

Pipeline over aquifer a risk too great

The proposal to twin that pipeline along the existing right-of-way elevates the risk to Chilliwack’s water supply unnecessarily.

Bairy Marchuk

‘Mr. Progress’ leaves his mark

It was more than Bairy Marchuk's 37 years with the Chilliwack Progress that earned him the nickname 'Mr. Progress.'

Bairy Marchuk
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