Eryn Wicker

Local initiatives help build a healthier community

Participants at the Child and Youth Committee’s Conversation on Chilliwack’s Children heard of several innovative programs in Chilliwack

Column: Taking the pressure off ‘Generation Squeeze’

Canada is spending more public funds for boomers and seniors ($45,000 on average) but only $12,000 per person under 45.

Column: Mae Burrows brings message of hope to CYC Consult

Keynote presenter at the 21st annual Conversation on Chilliwack’s Childrenwas Mae Burrows, president of From Grief to Action

Listening to and talking about your child or teens’ music is a great way to ensure that your voice is one of the loudest ones they hear.

Impact of music on children

Studies have shown that children and adolescents are affected by the music they listen to

Listening to and talking about your child or teens’ music is a great way to ensure that your voice is one of the loudest ones they hear.
Keep the dialogue open with your children on gaming.

Video gaming: You and your children

Knowing what your children are up to on any screen: game, phone, iPod, computer, TV, etc is important.

Keep the dialogue open with your children on gaming.

We can be more than passengers on the road to happiness

We need to be open to the possibility that we are able to influence some portion of our happiness

The people behind Chilliwack’s Consultation of Children

The annual Consultation on Chilliwack’s Children is coming soon; here is a conversation with one of the individuals involved

Making youth better aware of mental health

Youth as Gatekeepers seeks to educate students on mental health knowledge, how to advise friends to seek help for mental health concerns.

Better parenting through positive psychology

It’s no secret that the way we parent can dramatically affect the well- being of both the parents and the children.

Spreading the positive vibe – and helping yourself and others

Positive emotions also reduce stress and allow us to be more curious, creative, and better able to problem solve.

Action Builds Community: Consultation on Chilliwack’s Children

Chilliwack Child and Youth Committee tries to identify and rectify gaps in services for children, youth, and their families

Cultivating empathy in pre-schoolers

By developing empathy in children we have greater hope of changing the world, and creating more peaceful, caring and civil societies

Snapshot of youth and mental health

McCreary Centre Adolescent Health Survey offers insights into mental health and young people

The McCreary Centre: Body image and weight

Overall most BC teens are doing well, and reporting healthier behaviours than students 10 years ago

Don’t jump to conclusions

At some point in our lives we have all made the mistake of jumping to conclusions about something. Yet one more thought error or cognitive distortion where our mind puts a spin on the events we see, and attaches a not-so-objective explanation of what we are experiencing.

Sometimes, smoke is just smoke

This week finds us examining another cognitive distortion or thought error in greater detail: emotional reasoning. As you might recall from the past few articles sometimes our automatic thoughts are based on irrational assumptions.

When the mind plays tricks on us

In his last column, Dr. Rob Lees provided an overview to our summer series on Cognitive Distortions; this week’s finds us exploring the first one in more detail: Fortune Telling.

Consultation on Chilliwack’s children

Young people and health care professionals meet to find ways to address concerns and deliver care to Chilliwack youth.

Kids and a mentally healthy community

The past few weeks our column has been devoted to the theme of creating Mentally Healthy Communities, first with a focus on the workplace, and then with an emphasis on spirituality.

The importance of attachment

This week we continue in our series on Dr. Bruce Perry’s work,…