Brian Minter

The art of the asparagus

If you really enjoy this unique vegetable, why not grow your own?

Coming up roses for springtime

Brian Minter shows you how to bring back the beauty and fragrance of roses to our gardens again.

A little TLC for indoor plants

There are a number of important things we can do to get our plants back in shape, says Brian Minter

Minter: Feeding your feathered friends

If you haven’t done so before, try setting up a bird feeding station for the winter, says Brian Minter

Minter: Gardening in small spaces for winter

Some creative nurseries are looking at conifers from a different perspective and doing a few innovative things, says Brian Minter

Minter: Fall foliage that brings colour to your garden

At this time of year, vibrant fall colour lifts your spirits, says Brian Minter.

Minter: Autumn to-do list for gardens

October is an important month for many things in our gardens.

Minter: Fall tune-up for your lawn

There are a few really fine lawns out there, says Brian Minter, but most do need work to get them into shape for the fall and winter months.

Minter: How to attract butterflies to your garden

We are learning the true value of insects in our gardens, as friends, pollinators and predators for some of our more troublesome pests.

Minter: Add some colour with coleus

The other nice thing about foliage plants is the new and wonderful colour combinations you can create, writes Brian Minter

Minter: Gardening offers plenty to dig into

Friday, June 17 is designated as National Garden Day, the day to celebrate what gardens mean to Canadians.

Enjoying the fruits (and vegetables) of your labours

Early June is a critical time in the garden, Brian Minter says, both for replanting and beginning some late summer and even winter crops.

The magic behind better beans

Now that beans have earned the recognition they deserve, we need to be a little more creative in how we grow them, writes Brian Minter

Explore new cucumber varieities

Cucumbers are warm weather plants and should only be set out when the weather warms up and stays warm, Brian Minter writes.

What’s new in the world of tomatoes

The weather has been a bit crazy this year, and Brian Minter says he can’t believe how many tomato plants have already hit the ground.

Growing your own goodness

It’s the beginning of a brand new growing season, so make plans to enjoy your own home-grown fresh foods this year, says Brian Minter.

A rose by any other name still needs spring care, says Minter

Today’s new roses are not only long and continuous blooming but also hardy and very disease resistant, Brian Minter writes.

Capturing cool colours for spring

Here are some ‘feel good now and even better later’ plants that will make a big difference in your garden this year.

Asparagus offers the ultimate welcome to springtime

Asparagus, as one of today’s highly prized gourmet vegetables, is relatively expensive because of the time it takes to come into production

Rhubarb an easy and tasty addition to any garden

Rhubarb is so very useful in our cooking and yet, far too few are being grown in our gardens, even small space ones, says Brian Minter.