Weemedical Dispensary Society storefront in Agassiz shut down by RCMP

Doors closed after operating illegally for months downtown

The controversial medical marijuana store Weemedical Dispensary Society has been closed down after operating illegally for months without a proper business license on Pioneer Avenue in Agassiz.

The store which sold medical marijuana products to clients, made its last sale Wednesday morning when, according to witnesses, squad cars descended on the business, forcibly closing doors for good, and leaving clientele empty handed.

According to Staff Sergeant Darren Rennie, if they’ve been selling marijuana of any kind it’s illegal.

With the store’s inception back in March, Media Liaison Officer for UFVRD Cpl. Mike Rail commented, “The RCMP enforces the laws of Canada, a business in contravention of the CDSA Act will be subject to full investigation.”

The store saw similar controversy in Chilliwack, and was also shut down and subject to fines of up to $44,000.

City council also cancelled the shop’s business licence.