Dogs can be stressed out by fireworks on July 1 so special care is taken at the shelter. (Morning Star fire photo)

Extra care for shelter dogs in Chilliwack during fireworks show

Each dog at the CARE Centre is evaluated individually to prepare them

Fireworks can be tough on dogs at the local animal shelter.

Staff members of the FVRD CARE Centre on Wolfe Road are keenly aware of this fact, and they take extra care on Canada Day to minimize or eliminate the fireworks-related stress of dogs in their care.

The shelter has two staffers working an overtime shift, preparing the pups to provide wellness and brain exercises.

“This preemptive measure can help to tire the dogs out and keep them calm in the evening hours,” according to CARE Centre.

They also have a calming spray that can be applied to bedding, with music turned up to blend the sounds.

The staff will go from kennel to kennel providing treats and asking the dogs to do tricks that they’re known for, to keep their minds busy and focused.

During the fireworks show, staff are able to identify which dogs are the most impacted by the echoing booms and cracks of the fireworks and continue making every attempt to keep the anxiety levels down. Each case is evaluated individually.

For dogs known to have excessive anxiety and can handle a light sedative, staff will administer a dose late in the day to ensure they can be comfortable.